Sunday, 16 June 2019

Want to live longer? Think about where you are living.

Numerous research has shown that people who live near highways get more cancer. People who live in industrial towns with big factories get more cancer. People in polluted big cities get more cancer.

In some cities, like Tehran, breathing the city air is equal to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day! Just think about this for a minute. This means you, you family, and specially your children will have a shorter life.

I understand sometimes you have no choice and have to live in a certain place. But you can always change. There are always options.

Research shows people in small towns that are closer to nature live longer, are happier and more calm. The green color of trees, the blue color of water has therapeutic effects on people. It reduces stress and you know stress is the number one killer of people these days.

I love both mountains and the water. Some towns have both and that is the best type of living. To live in a place where you can see the mountains as well as the water.

I like the small towns and whenever I go, I stay more in the small towns than the big cities. For me they have more charm, are romantic and more natural.

So please wake up, think about where you are living. If it is near a highway or main street, where do you think all the smoke from cars go everyday? Even if you close the windows, they will get inside your home/condo. Do you know what that smoke does to you and your family? Can you accept putting them in increased risk of developing cancer?

The world is a big place and you can always make a living in a clean small town where there is no pollution, where you have access to trees, water or the mountains, where life is slower and you feel what life is all about. No more rush, no more traffic, no more pollution. Where people know your name and say hi to you on the streets.

My business trip to Switzerland is coming to an end. This was one of the best business trips I have ever had. So many clean, beautiful towns here with access to mountains and the water. Pure air everywhere, pure water everywhere. What a beautiful, natural, clean country. I am in awe of Switzerland.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Blessed to be a Southern Cherokee Man

I was doing my Grateful Walk in Interlaken, Switzerland giving thanks to God for making my dreams reality.

Some dreams I wished for and some were bestowed upon me and became some of the best things in my life.

As you know I am a Southern Cherokee man now! I have been given citizenship to the Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People (SCNRFP) by Prime Minister Honorable Dr Usti before being appointed their Minister of Education.

This is a dream come true for me. In my wildest dreams I could have never imagined to become a Cherokee man or a Minister!

From all the Nations, the State of SCNRFP matched my frequency the best. They are an independent self governing Nation that has signed treaties with US, Spain, UK and France since 500 years ago that gives them self ruling an autonomy.

Many Nations in US decided to receive grants and financial aid from US government and in turn follow the laws, rules and conditions set by the United States. The State of SCNRFP has not accepted even one dollar from US and as such remains fully independent with its own laws.

Cherokee Nation is the largest Nation in US. It has a number of groups. The upper Cherokee is located in Oklahoma. The Southern Cherokee is located in Northern Georgia and has about 26 million acres of land there.

The Southern Cherokee broke away from Cherokees of Oklahoma a long time ago and joined with the Red Fire People to form an independent Nation. The Red Fire People (known as People of the Heart) are the high priests. They are the keepers of the "Red Fire", the ancient wisdom, the sacred knowledge, the knowledge of creator.

I am so blessed, so lucky to be part of the Red Fire People, the keepers of ancient wisdom. My field is in education and I feel our frequencies resonate together.

The State of SCNRFP is accepted by US, Spain, United Kingdom and France through treaties signed as an independent self ruling religious Nation.

There is no separation of religion and state in this Nation as it is a religious state. The State has two heads. The head of state is a high priest that belongs to the ancient order of AniKutani (priesthood), which dates back to 3700 years ago. The head of government is the prime minister which manages governmental affairs.

The State of SCNRFP is located in the historical Little Chota (Town of Peace) in Northern Georgia. Its government office is located in town of Helen in Georgia.

The State of SCNRFP has authored the Native Nations Intergovernmental Alliance (NNIA) which is a treaty between countries that have Native people of their own. Since 2014, the NNIA Treaty has been signed by tribal nations in Australia, Canada, Egypt, Ghana, Honduras, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Philippines, USA, Vietnam. This treaty represents over 300 million people globally.

The State of SCNRFP has a number of offices internationally working as its embassies.
It is an honour and a dream come true to be a Southern Cherokee man. I share their love of nature and the mother earth.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

You MUST buy this book if you have a child!

One of our students at National Academy of Osteopathy in USA, Dr Kristen Poe has published a children book titled "Healthy Heath and his Magic Fruits and Vegetables: A book about kids nutrition, kindness, and celebrating individuality."

I highly recommend this book. Every child should know about healthy eating, and proper nutrition. By buying this book for your child you ensure a better life, healthier life for your loved one.

This is the best $12 you will spend in your life. A healthy child is a happy child.

Click on the link below now to order the book from Amazon: 

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

OsteoBank is creating the best mutual fund for Osteopaths

Our team at the Osteopathy Bank of Commerce & Investment (the OsteoBank) is working on creating a mutual fund that let's you keep most of your profit. OsteoBank mutual fund will do trading in a jurisdiction that does not have capital gain tax, and the management fee will be under 1%.
Most mutual funds are bad for you as up to 70% of the generated profits are taken from you in the form of expenses.

I always recommend to my students not to invest in actively managed mutual funds. These funds buy and sell stocks 100s of times per day and this causes the fund to pay capital gain tax, if the Fund is located in a country that charges capital gain tax on investment profits. Additionally most mutual funds charge on average 2 to 3% of the value of the fund as management fees no matter if the fund generate income or not!

Mutual fund is a billion dollar industry without much transparency. Most people are not aware that up to 70% of their investment profit is taken away from them even before they cash the mutual fund!

My goal has always been to offer unique innovative services and products that change the system and the world for better. This revolutionary mutual fund that is being created by OsteoBank is set to offer an ethical alternative to mutual fund investing. I do hope more banks and financial companies follow this trend by starting to offer products that have lower costs. Charging customers up to 70% of profit as expenses is simply not right!

Dr Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD
Minister of Education for the Southern Cherokee Nation
President of OsteoBank, NAO, NUMSS, OCPCC, CUOMP, OTV 


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Meeting Albert Einstein in Bern, Switzerland

I met Albert Einstein yesterday in the Rose Garden restaurant in Bern, Switzerland!  

He lived in Bern between 1903 and 1905 and developed his theory of relativity here.

Rose Garden is a beautiful garden on a hill above the river that surrounds the old town of the capital of Switzerland on three sides. You can see Bern old town clearly from this garden.

People are so polite here. You do not see anyone speaking on a mobile phone in public places.
Everything is quite and peaceful. So few cars, no pollution, clean air, organic food everywhere, shops close at 6PM, people spend time with family a lot more and treat each other politely. I did not hear even one car horn yet! And trains and tramways arrive exactly on time, not even one minute late!

I walked to the End of the World!

I am not joking. I really did! Today I spend the day walking from the bilingual (German/French) city of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland to the top of Jura Mountain which is called End of the World (Fin Du Monde/End Der Welt).

The walk today took about 8 hours but was amazing. The mountain air is so refreshing here in Switzerland. I have never seen weather as pure and clean. And the view was just wow! I could see snow on the top of the Alps mountain! 

The pure oxygen helped me think clearly. My brain became focused and I went into a zen like state. It is this zen like state that makes me enjoy walking so much. I get to walk for hours without feeling fatigue.

I am grateful to God for showing me this beautiful country. God is great and this world is truly beautiful.

With a fig tree in Switzerland

I love fig trees. They remind me of my childhood and my father. He loved figs and when I was a child I would go to the top of the fig tree in my grandfather's farm to pick the best and sweetest looking figs for my dad. I would feel so proud when he bite into one and thank me for bringing such heavenly fruits to him.
No matter where I am, when I see a fig tree I remember my dad. I stop, touch the leaves and speak to my father in my heart.
Today I visited the town of Thun in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful little towns I have ever seen. I wish my Papa was here with me. I would give anything to hug him and hold him one more time in my life.