Monday, 18 June 2018

Root Causes of Poverty in Canada

A report released by Campaign 2000, a national coalition of more than 120 organizations dedicated to ending child poverty claims that discrimination and inequality is the root of poverty in Canada.
I am sure many people disagree with this conclusion. This takes the responsibility away from individuals and blames others.

I believe bad things can happen to people but how you respond to it is what makes you successful or not.

You are in charge of your own success, not the government, not the economy, discrimination, inequality, family connections, or luck.

There is an old saying from 5000 years ago, as within so without, that brings us the universal law of cause and effect, or the law of causality, which basically states you reap what you sow. Your life at this moment is EXACTLY the result of all the choices you made before.

It is you, who is the cause of your success or failure. Blaming others for one's success or failure is to take responsibility away from the person. If you do not have a hand in becoming a success then it means you have no control over your life.

Yes, it is painful to understand that you are ultimately responsible for your failure in life because of choices you made or did not make. But the good news is that once you accept responsibility for your own life and success, it means you can change it the way you want.

If you are not happy with the story of your life, tell a different story!

I know many women, immigrants, indigenous people, whites, orientals, African American people and other minorities that are wealthy and successful. I also know many of them who are not.

Success is individualistic, and it is something that you attract, as an individual. Not something that happens to you or is given to you by others. Yes, in a very small cases you can become wealthy by winning a lottery or an inheritance. But most of the millionaires in North America are self made, first generation millionaires.

Take responsibility for life and change it for the better.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Agriculture Age

One of the most tragic things that happened to the human beings health and happiness was the agriculture age that started 12,000 years ago.

Prior to that we were hunters and gatherers for 2 million years. Our population was in check with average of 1 baby every 4 years or so. As they had to move often, they could not afford carrying too many babies with them. They had no or minimal possessions, and as such fights were small. Only 5% of people died due to violence.

There was no arthritis, disc disease or many of the current bone conditions at that time. And people were more skilled and therefore smarter (their brain was bigger).

Wheat domesticated human beings about 12,000 ago. Taking care of wheat is a full time and hard job that we were not meant to do. As such our bodies suffered and all sorts of health conditions appeared that we started to see in the fossilized bones of homo sapiens from 12,000 years go onward. People started to sit more often.

Additionally they now had land and homes, which could be taken from them by others. With more food population exploded. They started to have babies every year. Large scale wars started over food and land. At this time over 50% of deaths were due to violence.

Previously when a tribe was met with other aggressive tribes, they just packed and left when they were hunters and gatherers. After the agriculture age they could not do that as their farms could not be moved. Large scale massacres started to appear in human history.

This caused some individual to offer protection and solders to defend the farmers. Leaders and kings started to appear in history.

Farmers domesticated animals which caused many deaths in human beings due to infection. Large population that stayed in one location meant disease spread quickly. Large number of people were wiped out due to disease from farm animals.

Human beings lived longer as hunter/gatherers. Were smarter, and healthier and we can conclude happier and more in tune with nature. Agriculture age changed all that.

The sole purpose of agriculture age was to increase population, something that our DNA considers success and the main mission of DNA is to duplicate itself at all cost, no matter the cost to health and happiness. That is the sole reason of DNA for being. When DNA doubles in number it considers itself a success.

I find our history fascinating.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Congratulations to all Iranians!

Iran beat Morocco one zero. I think this is the 3rd time in history Iran has won a game in the World Cup!

Iran, along with Spain and Portugal are my most favourite teams in this World Cup in Russia. However Spain is in my heart and my number one choice as National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) is there! :)

I love all the teams though. They all did great work to get to Russia. We have alumni in most of the 32 countries that made it to the World cup this year!

Two New OCPCC Clinics in Alberta & Ontario (186 Clinics Worldwide)

We are happy to announce that manual osteopaths, Amy Anderson, DOMP and Nancy Storr, BSc (Kin), DOMP represent the Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta and Hastings, Ontario (Canada). We now have 186 clinics worldwide in 14 countries across 4 continents (America, Europe, Asia, Africa).

Amy and Nancy are graduates of the National Academy of Osteopathy. They are also members of the Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.

OCPCC ( was founded in September 2017. With 186 locations across the world OCPCC is now the largest privately owned chronic pain clinic in the world. It is also the largest osteopathy clinic globally.

All manual osteopaths joining OCPCC are chronic pain specialists who have graduated from one of our three schools, the National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada), National University of Medical Sciences (USA), or National University of Medical Sciences (Spain).

Welcome to OCPCC Amy and Nancy! We are happy to have you in our team.

Clinic # 185
181 Morrow Rd., Hastings, ON K0L 1Y0
Tel.: 705-957-2234

Clinic #186
10324 Whyte Ave, Suite B02,
Edmonton NW, Alberta T6E 1Z8
Tel.: 780 756 5265


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

New Changes to Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

There have been some changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) recently that will affect manual osteopaths. These laws have been changed as the population in general is living longer and many opt to not stop working at the age of 65. 

1)      Under new rules, manual osteopaths can wait until they reach the age of 70 to receive the CPP payment that is 42% more than if they start receiving it at the age 65.

2)      Under new rules manual osteopaths can choose to continue participating in the Canada Pension Plan once they start receiving a pension. Their contribution will be added to their post retirement benefits that increase their retirement income.

3)      Under new rule, manual osteopaths can delay receiving the Old Age Security (OAS) pension for 5 years after the eligibility age of 65. Their payments increase by 36% if they wait until the age of 70.

4)      At the age of 71 manual osteopaths have to collapse their registered retirement saving plan (RRSP). They can then cash out the whole plan (not recommended as the tax rate is high). They can put a portion to tax free savings account (TFSA). This is recommended but the contribution limit are quite low. Or they can roll over their RRSP to a registered retirement income fund (RRIF). Aside from providng an income, the RRIF can also be used to buy an annuity which is a life insurance product that pays a guaranteed income until death. 

Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD
National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) 
National University of Medical Sciences (USA)
National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) 
Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners 
Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada

Friday, 8 June 2018

Congratulations to the new Ontario Premier

On behalf of National Academy of Osteopathy, Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada and the Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners we wish to congratulate Honorable Doug Ford for winning a majority in the Ontario Provincial Election to become the next premier of Ontario.

One of the promises that the Progressive Conservative party has made is to decrease the personal and corporation income tax in Ontario which would benefit all manual osteopaths. At about 26% for corporation tax and up to 53% for personal income tax, we have one of the highest tax rates in the world. 

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Can you protect your assets while increasing happiness & love?

One of the most common causes of losing wealth is divorce. And one of the reasons of being unhappy is having a bad relationship with your significant other. 

For your own happiness and well being, and also to protect your assets it is a wise choice to make sure you are in a loving relationship. 

What gets measured, get managed. And when you can manage something, you can improve it the way you wish. Relationship can also be improved when you start measuring. 

This is a tip that many of my students have followed with amazing results. It rejuvenated their relationships and brought more love and happiness into their lives. 

Buy a beautiful diary at Chapters. Everyday write in it one thing you loved/liked/enjoyed about your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend. It could be how she dressed, how she fixed her hair, what he did at home for you, what he cooked, etc. Put the date as well. It will not take more than a couple of minutes.

Do this for a few months, without letting your partner know about it. And give it to her/him as a birthday gift. I can assure your spouse will tell you that this is the best gift he or she has ever received!

You will have a happier life, with more love in it, and as a result your assets are protected as well!