Saturday, 29 June 2013

Osteopaths UNITE Campaign Started


To Get Manual Osteopathy Regulated in Ontario.

It is time for the profession of manual osteopathy to become regulated in the Province of Ontario. To do so all manual osteopaths, manual osteopathic associations and manual osteopathic schools should unite for the benefit of the profession. There should be only one lobbyist representative of manual osteopathy profession who approaches the Ontario provincial government. More than one group indicates this profession is not united and cannot be regulated.

There are many steps that should be followed prior to seeking regulation. We have already some of these in place. There must be a national standard testing system for manual osteopaths, which is already here since 3 years ago through the Canadian Manual Osteopathy Examining Board. There should be a system to accredit the manual osteopathy colleges which already exists through the Council on Manual Osteopathy Education. There should be regulatory college by-laws, which the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners has already completed. There should be a history of teaching which through the Canadian College of Osteopathy has been established for decades, and there should be a large number of manual osteopaths, which there are over 1,000 in Ontario.

We have most of the regulatory requirements. To pursue manual osteopathy regulation, first and foremost we must unite. We should form a committee with the sole goal of getting manual osteopathy regulated in Ontario. We should hire a political lobbyist to pursue this matter on a full time basis. This committee should raise funds through manual osteopaths, associations and colleges. Everyone must contribute to this goal. The committee must also seek grass root support. We must get all patients, students, manual osteopaths and friends of manual osteopathy to sign a petition and to contact local provincial politicians. The grass root support is the main key to getting us regulated along with hiring a political lobbyist.

National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO), National University of Medical Sciences (NUMSS), International Osteopathy Association (IOA), Canadian Manual Osteopathy Examining Board (CMOEB), Council on Manual Osteopathy Education (CMOE) & Ontario College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences (OCORS) have joined together and we want all other schools, associations and manual osteopaths to join us to form a committee. Mr Amir Kazemi of National Academy of Osteopathy will contact all associations and colleges to invite them to join us for a meeting. All manual osteopaths who are interested should also contact Mr Kazemi at or (416) 635-6550. Let us get together, spend some time and money and get this wonderful profession regulated in Ontario.

Thank you.

Dr. Shahin Pourgol
National Academy of Osteopathy & National University of Medical Sciences

Ontario Board of Osteopathy Approves NAO

Ontario Board of Osteopathy Approves NAO

We are proud to announce that the Ontario Board of Osteopathy is another association that has approved National Academy of Osteopathy. NAO members who wish to join this association should visit 

Friday, 28 June 2013


National University of Medical Sciences opened up an admissions office in Tokyo, Japan.

دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ در شهر توکیو، ژاپن شعبه زد!

دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ در شهر توکیو، ژاپن شعبه زد!

A beautiful letter from a student of my father, Ali Pourgol

A beautiful letter Mr Pooria Saiyad Khodashenas; a student of my father, Ali Pourgol (may he rest in peace) sent me today when he heard about the passing of my father last year.

  • Conversation started today
  • Pooria Saiyad Khodashenas

    جناب پورگل عزیز،
    بنده از شاگردان ایشون در دبیرستان سما، بندر انزلی بودم و از شنیدن خبر فوت ایشون بسیار متاسف شدم. تمام خاطرات دوران دبیرستان و کلاس ایشون برام زنده شد. این بود که تصمیم گرفتم برای عرض تسلیت چند خطی برای شما بنویسم.
    یادش بخیر، واقعا افتخاری بود سر کلاس ایشون حاضر شدن. هرگز فراموش نمیکنم همیشه خوشپوش و متشخص بودند. نصیحت ایشون همواره آویزه گوش من است. سر کلاس می گفتند: این جوان ها نمیدونم چرا اینقدر عجله دارن به همه چی زود برسند ... بدون هیچ زحمتی می خوان صاحب ماشین و خونه و همه چی بشن ... این راهش نیس ... باید تلاش کرد و زحمت کشید ...
    در هر حال من خیلی از شنیدن خبر فوت ایشون ناراحت شدم. امیدوارم که هر چه خاک ایشون هست بقای عمر شما و خانواده محترمتون باشه.
    پوریا صیاد خداشناس

    Here are other comments I just received from Ms. Houra Chabock:
     Houra Chabock واقعا" یادشون بخیر . یکی از اون معلم هایی بودن که هیچ وقت تو خاطرات ما کم رنگ نمی شن . ما دو ترم کلاسمون ساعت 6-8 غروب بود ایشون می اومدن سر کوچه دکتر شعار وا میستادن تا همه مون بریم و کسی 
    مزاحممون نشه . روحتون شاد آقای معلم

    • Roya Ramezanie Chabock واقعا یادش بخیر من هم خاطرات خیلی خوب و شیرینی از کلاس های ایشون دارم . اون کوچه دکتر شعار هنوز هم جذابیت خودش رو برای من داره . هر دفعه که از سر اون کوچه رد میشم یاد ایشون می افتم . کلاساشون که حرف نداشت . و این که ایشون سر کوچه می ایستادن وقتی کلاس ها تعطیل میشد کاری بود که هیچ کس دیگه ای فکر نمی کنم به فکرش هم می رسید که انجام بده . درگذشت ایشون واقعا تاسف بار بود . و ما یکی از بهترین دبیرهای زبان انگلیسیمون رو از دست دادیم . "روحشون شاد "

NAO South Korea Facebook Fan Page

National Academy of Osteopathy in South Korea has a Facebook fan page now.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

2/3 of Health Professionals in Canada are Females

2/3 of Health Professionals in Canada are Females

A recent survey published today in the Toronto Star indicates that over 2/3 of the health professionals in Canada are females, a large increase since a few years ago. In general over 12% of the female adults in Canada work in health related fields compared to 5% of males. 47% of the doctors in Canada are females. 

At National Academy of Osteopathy we see more and more females enrolling in the DOMP program.
 In the practical techniques classes of July 2013 at the Toronto campus, over 80% of the registered students are females. 

4700 Blog Visitors !

4700 Blog Visitors!

Since Saturday, in less than 5 days I had 1700 more visitors to my blog! This is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dr Shahin Pourgol

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

95% Job Satisfaction Rate for Osteopaths

95% Job Satisfaction Rate for Osteopaths

According to the most recent Gallup survey of the American workplace; only 30% of workers were satisfied with their employment. 

Manual osteopaths in Canada, with a job satisfaction rate of 95% have one of the highest job satisfaction rates of all occupations as there is zero unemployment in this health profession and the starting salary is $30 per hour. These are some of the reasons manual osteopathy has been included in the top 25 best occupations in demand in Canada by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

To learn about how to become a manual osteopath please contact the National Academy of Osteopathy at or National University of Medical Sciences at

Join us. Become an osteopath & secure your future. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

La Osteopatía

La Osteopatía se basó, desde su fundación, en principios muy simples que, además, son incontrovertibles desde la sabiduría que da la experiencia:
- Que el ser humano es una UNIDAD indisociable (integrada por Cuerpo, Mente y Espíritu) y merece un tratamiento global.
- Que nuestro cuerpo posee mecanismos propios de auto-sanación que le confieren la inherente capacidad de defenderse, repararse y autorregularse.
- Que esta capacidad del cuerpo humano de sanarse a sí mismo se desencadenará desde el momento en que lleguen, en condiciones fisiológicas normales: la sangre arterial ("Ley de la arteria") así como la información nerviosa.
- Que la estructura y la función del cuerpo humano están interrelacionadas recíprocamente ("La estructura gobierna la función")... dicho en otras palabras, que la función obedece al estado de la estructura.
- Que la consideración de estos principios es la base de una terapia racional.

En principios tan sencillos como estos se basa la Osteopatía, y en realidad no hace falta mucho más para definir su filosofía, que es impecable.

Las "versiones" de la Osteopatía que surgen, desde ámbitos sanitarios, son bastante más complicadas en su visión y en el fondo olvidan -en su teoría y praxis- estos simples principios, basando "su osteopatía" en un repertorio protocolizado de manipulaciones y técnicas concretas para cada "caso".

Esto se debe a la INCREDULIDAD de la mente humana que piensa que la filosofía de la Osteopatía, y su concepto "holístico", están superados y que ¡hoy en día!... hay que añadirle activos que la eleven intelectual y científicamente.

Pero la erudición no es Sabiduría.
Las grandes verdades no solo son eternas, sino que son simples.


In 2012 legde de International Osteopathic Association 22 juni vast als de dag dat osteopathie werd gesticht door Dr. Still; 'World Osteopathy Day' 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

la giornata mondiale dell'osteopatia

Il ns collega ci scrive che il 22 giugno e' la giornata mondiale dell'osteopatia. L'osteopatia e' stata fondata nel 1874 da Andrew Taylor Still. Per festeggiate L' universita' di medicina e l' accademia di Osteopatia hanno stanziato 1,340,000 dollari per borse studio per 200 studenti nel mondo per studiare osteopatia.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

NUMSS Blog Reaches 1000 Views

Exactly on World Osteopathy Day the National University of Medical Sciences blog has passed the 1000 views in less than 2 months since it was formed!

National Academy of Osteopathy Blog Passed 1000 Views!

Exactly on World Osteopathy Day the National Academy of Osteopathy blog has passed the 1000 views in less than 2 months since it was formed! 

I Designed the World Osteopathy Day Logo

I designed the World Osteopathy Day logo, which was approved by the International Osteopathy Association and is now being used worldwide by all osteopaths.

I was surprised that after 138 years of osteopathy, no osteopath has ever took the time to choose a World Osteopathy Day. Osteopathy has done so much for the world and it deserves to have a day of its own.

Dr Shahin Pourgol
National Academy of Osteopathy
National University of MEdical Sciences

روز جهانی‌ استئوپتی مبارک

روز جهانی‌ استئوپتی مبارک!

امروز ۲۲ ژوئن سالروز تولد رشته استئوپتی در سال ۱۸۷۴ در آمریکاست توسط دکتر اندرو تیلور استیل. من شکل این آرم را طراحی کردم و اینروز را به عنوان روز جهانی‌ استئوپتی به انجمن بین الملل استئوپتی پیشنهاد کردم که قبول شد. برای جشن گرفتن اینروز، دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ و آکادمی ملی‌ استئوپتی ما یک میلیون و سیصد و چهل هزار دلار بورسیه به ۲۰۰ دانشجو در سراسر دنیا ارائه کردند.

از طرف کارمندها و مدرسین این دو مرکز آموزشی‌ این روز را به همهٔ ایرانیان تبریک میگم.

دکتر شاهین پورگل
دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ -اسپانیا
 آکادمی ملی‌ استئوپتی -کانادا

Happy World Osteopathy Day!

Happy World Osteopathy Day!

Today; June 22nd is the official World Osteopathy Day. This is the day Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by Dr Andrew Taylor Still. To celebrate this date National University of Medical Sciences and National Academy of Osteopathy have offered up to $1,340,000 in scholarships to 200 students worldwide to study osteopathy. 

Employees & faculty of NUMSS and NAO wish a happy World Osteopathy Day for everyone. 

Bonne Journée mondiale Ostéopathie!
Feliz Día Mundial de Osteopatía!
Feliz Dia Mundial da Osteopatia!
Osteopatia Mondo Felice Giorno!
행복한 세상 정골의 !
روز جهانی‌ استئوپتی مبارک!
Счастливый Мир Остеопатия день!
سعيدة اليوم العالمي العظام!
יום שמח אוסטאופתיה העולם!
Καλή Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Οστεοπαθητική!
हैप्पी विश्व Osteopathy दिवस!
Laimīgu Pasaules Osteopātija dienu!
Mutlu Dünya Osteopati Günü!
Chúc mừng Ngày xương thế giới!
Furaha Dunia Osteopathy Siku!
শুভ বিশ্ব Osteopathy দিন!
Glade verden osteopati dag!
Boldog világ Osteopathy!
Dunia Osteopathy Hari Gembira!
Fornøyd verden osteopati dag!
Lumea Fericita Osteopathy Zi!
Lyckliga världen osteopati dag!
Щасливий день Osteopathy світу!