Monday, 17 June 2013

$15,000 Offered by Canada for Skills Improvement

$15,000 Offered by Canada for Skills Improvement

The Government of Canada announced a job grant of $15,000 for unemployed workers to upgrade themselves by learning mathematics and computer skills. While this is much appreciated National Academy of Osteopathy believes this investment will be wasted as many municipal community centers offer these courses for free and also there is no indication that upgrading a worker in mathematics and computer skills leads to better jobs for them.

Most job shortage in Canada is in skilled categories such as manual osteopathy. It would be better for the government to offer these grants for workers to study skills that actually would land them better jobs. These days most workers are assumed to know the basics of mathematics and computer skills. Some extra knowledge will not grant them better jobs.

We strongly believe if the government offers workers a type of grants that would allow them to open  small businesses the Canadian economy improves greatly. More skilled based small businesses are the key to a better economy as these businesses cannot be outsourced to elsewhere outside Canada.

This new grant would likely deliver inferior results at higher costs.

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