Saturday, 29 June 2013

Osteopaths UNITE Campaign Started


To Get Manual Osteopathy Regulated in Ontario.

It is time for the profession of manual osteopathy to become regulated in the Province of Ontario. To do so all manual osteopaths, manual osteopathic associations and manual osteopathic schools should unite for the benefit of the profession. There should be only one lobbyist representative of manual osteopathy profession who approaches the Ontario provincial government. More than one group indicates this profession is not united and cannot be regulated.

There are many steps that should be followed prior to seeking regulation. We have already some of these in place. There must be a national standard testing system for manual osteopaths, which is already here since 3 years ago through the Canadian Manual Osteopathy Examining Board. There should be a system to accredit the manual osteopathy colleges which already exists through the Council on Manual Osteopathy Education. There should be regulatory college by-laws, which the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners has already completed. There should be a history of teaching which through the Canadian College of Osteopathy has been established for decades, and there should be a large number of manual osteopaths, which there are over 1,000 in Ontario.

We have most of the regulatory requirements. To pursue manual osteopathy regulation, first and foremost we must unite. We should form a committee with the sole goal of getting manual osteopathy regulated in Ontario. We should hire a political lobbyist to pursue this matter on a full time basis. This committee should raise funds through manual osteopaths, associations and colleges. Everyone must contribute to this goal. The committee must also seek grass root support. We must get all patients, students, manual osteopaths and friends of manual osteopathy to sign a petition and to contact local provincial politicians. The grass root support is the main key to getting us regulated along with hiring a political lobbyist.

National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO), National University of Medical Sciences (NUMSS), International Osteopathy Association (IOA), Canadian Manual Osteopathy Examining Board (CMOEB), Council on Manual Osteopathy Education (CMOE) & Ontario College of Osteopathic Rehabilitation Sciences (OCORS) have joined together and we want all other schools, associations and manual osteopaths to join us to form a committee. Mr Amir Kazemi of National Academy of Osteopathy will contact all associations and colleges to invite them to join us for a meeting. All manual osteopaths who are interested should also contact Mr Kazemi at or (416) 635-6550. Let us get together, spend some time and money and get this wonderful profession regulated in Ontario.

Thank you.

Dr. Shahin Pourgol
National Academy of Osteopathy & National University of Medical Sciences

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