Thursday, 6 June 2013

Think Laterally

I have never seen any 2 years old as intelligent and kind as my son! As I always teach my students to think laterally, he does also the same, finding unique solutions to his problems.

Yesterday, his daycare teachers told me an amazing story that surprised them so much. They wondered how a 2 years old boy can be so kind and think so cleverly to help a friend!

Apparently my son and his friend were bicycling. When a boy a year older than my son came, bullied his friend, and took the friend’s bicycle. Friend started crying. My son, the kind of nice boy he is, decided to help his friend. Even though he is physically very strong and no one in daycare takes his stuff, even the older boys, he has learnt from me not to use violence to get what he wants, instead to use his brain. 

So he went to the older boy. Took his hat off from his head, dropped the hat behind a playhouse at the end. The boy went after his hat and had a hard time looking for his hat. Meanwhile the bicycle was left alone, so Leonard took the bicycle and gave it back to his friend. And they ride together again. That is what I call LATERAL THINKING. That is what I always try to make my students do. Find a unique solution, to a problem.

Teachers told me this story and they were so amazed by it. I am so proud of this boy. He is just the coolest, most handsome, kindest, & most intelligent boy I have ever seen.

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