Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Power of Unity

The Power of Unity

To get Osteopathic Manual Practice (OMP) regulated in Ontario we must unite. There are only 2 osteopathic physicians (DO) in Ontario (21 in Canada) and they got osteopathic medicine regulated in Ontario and all other Canadian provinces! We have more than 1000 osteopathic manual practitioners in Ontario and yet so far we are not regulated in any Canadian province.

I call for all osteopathic schools, associations, students, businesses and practitioners to set aside political differences to unite and help us get OMP regulated in Ontario. I have donated $200,000 to this campaign. We have the financial backing and budget to get this done, but we need your help for grass root work for mobilizing the public and patients. If all of your patients and the people you know send letters to the members of parliament, the government will notice us. We are starting to mobilize the public and need you to join us.

Please help OMP get regulated in Ontario. Your future depends on it.

Dr Shahin Pourgol
Chiropractor, Ergonomist, Osteopath
National Academy of Osteopathy
Canadian College of Pedorthics
National University of Medical Sciences

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