Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Can Health Programs be Taught Online?

Definitely! With the advancement in communication technology online education is improving rapidly. Time has shown that many of health related programs can indeed be taught online. Here are some examples:

- Since 2003; many universities in the USA have been offering transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) through 100% online education. The tDPT is available only to physiotherapists as a post professional degree. However the older generation of physiotherapists did not study diagnostic imaging, medical diagnosis or manual therapy. And the tDPT program teaches these subjects. So it is possible to learn diagnosis, radiology and manual therapy through online programs.

- Since 2010; National Academy of Osteopathy has been offering online osteopathic education. NAO teaches in 65 cities and as such has graduates many manual osteopaths. These osteopaths are working now in Europe, Asia, Africa and America treating many patients. Since 2010, there has not been even one reported complaint against any of the NAO graduates. This is a clear indication of the safety and efficacy of online osteopathic education.

- Since a decade ago; the University of Western Ontario has been offering a Diploma in Pedorthics program. The program has 6 courses which are online. These courses includes assessments and pedorthic examinations. The university has graduated many students and they are currently working as certified pedorthists in Canada. This shows that pedorthic education can be learned online.

- A United Kingdom university is offering a 100% online specialty program in orthopedic surgery to medical doctors since the past few years.

- Many universities in the USA are offering online master's degrees in nursing since the past decade.

- A college in Alberta, Canada is offering a diploma program in massage through online education.

- Many colleges and universities in USA and elsewhere offer naturopathy diplomas and degrees through online format.

- A school in USA has just started teaching needle-less acupuncture online.

- Traditional Chinese Medicine is offered online through many schools.

- Clinical nutrition is offered by hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide.

- Kinesiology & human kinetics is offered through online education by a number of schools.

- Degrees in clinical psychology is offered by many universities.

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