Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Teaching Osteopathy in 65 Cities

Through our two schools; NAO & NUMSS, we offer osteopathic education worldwide in an online on-demand format; with in-campus classes in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and practical technique classes in 65 cities across 35 countries.

Our schools are the largest provider of education in the field of osteopathy. NUMSS offers nine degree programs in osteopathy, including a bachelor, master of art, master of science, doctor of osteopathy and PhD.
NAO offer a diploma program in osteopathy (DOMP) and a fellowship program as well.


  1. I see a few Canadian locations, including my home province. Where can I find more information on practical technique classes in Canada?

  2. Ms Luary Perez, the registrar will be able to help you. You can find her at admissions@numss.com.