Friday, 21 February 2014

I am so proud of National Academy of Osteopathy!

I am so proud of NAO. Aside from elevating the profession of manual osteopathy in so many ways (such as becoming the first osteopathic college affiliate member of Ontario Hospital Association), it helps graduates find suitable employment.

Today I received an email from one of my students; Nazanin (NAO class of September 2013) who informed me that she started working within a week after graduating from NAO.

How many colleges can receive such testimonials? What other professions can offer employment so quickly?

It brings me so much joy and happiness to see students start working quickly in their chosen profession. News such as this makes me the happiest manual osteopath in the world!

Thank you Nazanin for such a great news and I wish you the best in your chosen profession.
Here is her testimonial:

"Dear Dr. Pourgol,

I want to thank you and other faculty members for providing us this great opportunity. 

The education, training, and practice that I gained from National Academy of Osteopathy allowed an easy and smooth progression from my psychology background to manual osteopathy.   

The provided curriculum, faculty, and classmates encouraged me to learn and compete more to become successful. 

Also, your business management lectures and ideas were the best advice and support.  I am pleased to tell all that I am an NAO graduate who has found her career less than a week after graduation."

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