Monday, 10 March 2014

Testimonial from my student; Dr Hussein Eid, MD, DOMP

I am so proud of my students. Here is a testimonial from one of my students at the National Academy of Osteopathy who graduated in February 2014. Dr Eid is a medical pathologist.

Dear Dr. Pourgol,

I am pleased to inform that the 'quality training' of your prestigious Academy has shown to be very fruitful. I had an interview, the owner was amazed by the techniques- I gave him a treatment session by your wonderful techniques  - and I received an offer to work two days a week, as a start. More shifts will be added to my schedule in the health clinic after I get to know the team more and become familiar with the workplace. (I am replacing a manual osteopath who used to work in clinic for years).

Thank you in advance for your expert teachings which always stemmed from your wisdom. 
Dr Hussein Eid, MD, DOMP
NAO Class of Sept 2013

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