Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Manual Osteopaths Save Lives

Improved Quality of Life in Seniors Through Manual Osteopathy

Fracture of the femur bone due to a slip & fall is the main cause of accident related death in seniors. 

This is mainly due to osteoporosis making the bones weak, and subsequently when the person fells down the bone breaks easily. The fractured bone in some cases cuts through the femoral artery. A number of patients die due to bleeding even before reaching the hospital.

The osteopathic muscle energy techniques (MET) are known to improve function & balance by improving range of motion of the joints and the muscle tone. A better function & balance decreases the chance of a fall, and subsequent bone fracture and possible death.

Seniors should receive weekly manual osteopathic care to remain more active and to continue enjoying a better quality of life.

Manual osteopaths help prevent injuries.And by decreasing chances of a slip & fall they ultimately save lives.

Dr Shahin Pourgol
Chief Executive Officer
Osteopathy Health Clinics

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