Friday, 2 May 2014

Use of Alternative Health Care by Canadians in 1997 & 2006

Only 4% of Canadians are benefiting from manual osteopathy in 2006 (this percentage has increased as National Academy of Osteopathy started operating in 2010). This has to change. Manual osteopathy is the last resort of many patients for musculoskeletal pain relief. Patients who try manual osteopathy rarely visit any other type of health practitioners as manual osteopaths offer one of the best and most effective care for musculoskeletal conditions. In a survey done in 2013; manual osteopathy was patients’ number one choice for low back pain relief. 

We need to educate the public about manual osteopathy. The profession has not been active enough in public relations. I am working to change this. My new book “An Introduction to the Profession of Manual Osteopathy” will publish soon. It will be available free of charge to everyone. I am planning to mail it to all public libraries and high schools. The Osteopathy TV will also start soon which plans to produce one episode per week on osteopathic related topics for public education. The same with Osteopathy Radio which offers similar topics as Osteopathy TV.

Additionally I am working on a full length documentary film called “The Last Resort” which in detail explains why manual osteopathy is so popular with patients and why there is such a long waiting list to see manual osteopaths across the country. This documentary will be offered free of charge to Netflix, the Documentary Channel, and PBS. 

Soon, the Osteopathy Health Clinics starts operating (we have already signed 15 manual osteopaths for OHC) which will be a great things for introducing the public to our profession. It is a non-profit charity based company (10% of each treatment fee received is donated to a charity). The backing of charities would provide great exposure of our profession to the public. 

I have founded the World Osteopathy Day in 2012. All manual osteopaths should plan to do a promotion for the profession on June 22nd to increase the public awareness of our profession.
Manual osteopathy has so much to offer people. Once a patient tries manual osteopathy once, they remain loyal to us for life. This is how effective manual osteopathy is. Let us work together to make people know more about what we do. I need your help and support to increase utilization of the profession by the public. But first we have to let them know who we are and what we do. It is our duty to make this happen.

Dr Shahin Pourgol
National Academy of Osteopathy
National University of Medical Sciences 

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