Friday, 22 August 2014

DPT & DO Offered in India Campus Based by National University of Medical Sciences رشته‌های دکترای فیزیوتراپی و دکترای استئوپتی

We are excited to announce that the National University of Medical Sciences is partnering with the largest private medical university in India to offer campus based osteopathy program.

After a year of communications about this academic venture to introduce European style osteopathy to India, Professor Dr Narkeesh Arumugam (physiotherapist, osteopath & head of the Department of Physiotherapy at Punjabi University) and Dr Maneesh Arora (physiotherapist & chiropractor) have traveled to Madrid, Spain to visit NUMSS campus in Madrid and to have further discussions with NUMSS president, Dr Shahin Pourgol in regards to this academic partnership.

NUMSS Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and the Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) programs will soon be offered in India as a mix of online and campus based programs.

These two programs will be available only to physiotherapists. After completing the one to two years online DPT program of NUMSS, Indian physiotherapists must also complete a six months onsite clinical and practical training in one of the six hospitals & clinics approved in India.

Those Indian physiotherapists who enrol in the Doctor of Osteopathy program, upon completion of the online program offered by NUMSS must complete one year of campus based on-site clinical and practical work in India.

Our goal has always been to expand osteopathy worldwide and make sure that people in every corner of the world have access to this wonderful health care. This academic partnership brings us closer to our goal.
باعث خوشحالی‌ من است که به اطلاع برسانم که به زودی دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ ما در اسپانیا، رشته‌های دکترای فیزیوتراپی و دکترای استئوپتی را در هند به صورت عملی‌ ارائه خواهد داد. ما با بزرگترین دانشگاه پزشکی‌ خصوصی هند موافقت کردیم که کلاسهای عملی‌ ما در ۶ بیمارستان آنها ارائه شود. این کلاسها فقط برای فیزیوتراپیست‌ها می‌باشد. بعد از یک سال مذاکرات رئیس دپارتمنت فیزیوتراپی دانشگاه پنجاب از دانشگاه ما در اسپانیا دیدن کرد و شخصا با من به موافقت رسیدیم

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