Friday, 22 August 2014

Madrid Campus of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMSS)

Here is a photo of the main campus of National University of Medical Sciences. I took it about two weeks ago in Madrid, Spain. NUMSS offers nine degrees in European style osteopathy, the most popular one being the DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) and the Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy. We also offer a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) program as well as a number of other health related programs.
I had the good fortune of teaching in this historical 500 years old building.

دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ ما در شهر مادرید، اسپانیا. دو هفته قبل سعادت داشتم که در این ساختمان ۵۰۰ ساله درس بدم

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  1. Our graduates at National University of Medical Sciences ( are now eligible for membership to the Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Science.