Thursday, 30 October 2014

What a Journey!

Four years ago National Academy of Osteopathy website ( had about 100 visitors in its first month of operation. This October 2014 it had over 40,000 website visitors! We have come a long way!

The small college 4 years ago has now become the largest & most popular school of manual osteopathy worldwide. Wow! What a journey!

I owe this to my students and my fantastic staff. Thank you all.

Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DOMP, DO
National Academy of Osteopathy


در ماه اول شروع کار آکادمی ملی‌ استئوپتی در ۴ سال پیش ۱۰۰ نفر از وب سایت ما دیدن کردند. در این ماه بیشتر از ۴۰،۰۰۰ نفر از وب سایت آکدمی دیدن کردند! چه سرگذشتی بود این ۴ سال گذشته. از یک آکادمی کوچک به بزرگترین و پر طرفدارترین آکادمی استئوپتی در دنیا تبدیل شدیم. از تمام دانشجویانم و همکارانم در آکادمی باعث پیشرفت ما تشکر می‌کنم 

Increasing Your Income Through Manual Osteopathy

Here is a testimonial from one of my students; registered massage therapist & manual osteopath, Angele Boyle (National Academy of Osteopathy graduate, class of 2011), who doubled her income in one year. She has now a waiting list of weeks. All in a period of less than a year after becoming a manual osteopath. This is amazing and great source of joy for me.

To learn how you could incorporate manual osteopathy in your practice please email us at Those students who are not health practitioners are also eligible to apply and learn manual osteopathy which enables them to open their own clinics or work for others.

Average income of a manual osteopath in Canada is approximately $90,000.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Youth Employment Program

خوشحالم به اطلاع برسانم که "برنامه کار برای جوانان" به اشخاصی‌ که بین ۱۸ تا ۲۲ ساله هستند، مقیم کانادا میباشند و بیکار هستند $۴۰۰۰ بورسیه میدهد که در رشته دیپلمای استئوپتی آکدمی ملی‌ استئوپتی درس بخوانند. برای اطلاعات بیشتر با آکدمی تماس بگیرید

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Lemon Tree

My little lemon tree in my office at the York University Heights campus of National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto has given over 10 lemons already!

Chiropractic Students Love Manual Osteopathy!

Two of my campus based students (National Academy of Osteopathy DOMP class of September 2014) are chiropractic students, one is a second year student of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, and the other one (Marcus Martinez in the photo below) is a 2nd year student of the Life Chiropractic College West in California. Marcus is also a licensed massage therapist in the USA.
I have many chiropractors as students. Learning manual osteopathy offers chiropractors access to a much loved profession by the public. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

An Anonymous Review by One of My Students at National Academy of Osteopathy

One of my students at National Academy Osteopathy posted an anonymous review about NAO. And I was mentioned in it as well. Here is the part about me. To read the full review click on the link below:

................... The program itself was good. It was well laid out and organized. I really enjoyed the online demonstrations or video instructions. Dr. Pourgol was positive and energetic. He really does have a passion about osteopathy profession, and increasing the profile/ awareness of Osteopathy.......

.................. NAO has ruffled a lot of feathers. You will read and hear many negative comments because Dr. Pourgol challenged the way things have always been. However, NAO program has grown and appears to continue to grow since my time. I feel that is a huge positive. Remember the most dangerous phrase in the English language "We've always done it this way". That does not reflect NA........................

 ................SUMMARY.. I am very pleased with my decision to attend NAO. At a fraction of the price you receive the same designation as other schools. I am a member of OOAMA (Ontario Osteopathic & Alternative Medicine Association) and bill all insurance companies. I have only had issues with GWL (Great West Life), all other insurance companies so far have been great...........

Thursday, 16 October 2014

My student; world famous natural health expert; Dr Daneil Nuzum, DO, NMD

World famous natural health expert, manual osteopath and naprapath, Dr Daniel Nuzum, my student at the National University of Medical Sciences. I am so proud to have such distinguished students.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

دکتر اباذر حبیبی نیا

یکی‌ از دانشجویان رشته دکترای استئوپتی ما در جمهوری چک از دکتر اباذر حبیبی نیا که رشته آزمایشات ارتوپدی را در دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ ما در اسپانیا بصورت آنلاین درس میده بسیار تعریف کرد. دکتر حبیبی نیا یکی‌ از مشهورترین پزشکان ورزشی دنیا می‌باشد. بسیار کتاب نوشته است و در ایران پزشک تیم‌ ملی‌ المپیک ایران بوده‌اند

Testimonial from Czech Republic

Here is what Martin Bouska, one of our Doctor o...f Osteopathy (DO) students from Czech Republic had to say about the orthopedics assessment video Lectures of National University of Medical Sciences professor, the world famous sports medicine expert, Dr Abazar Habibinia, MD.

…………very nice teacher in the NUMSS DO program!
I like his orthopedic examinations lectures very much………………

Martin Bouska
NUMSS DO Student (class of Feb 2014)
Czech Republic
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Friday, 10 October 2014

A testimonial from my student in Czech Republic

Here is what my osteopathy student Martin Bouska had to say about our new online video lectures:

First DPT Graduate of NUMSS in Iran

The first graduate of the 100% online Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program of the National University of Medical Sciences in Iran is my student Dr Farjoud Shokouhi, who is a physiotherapist from the province of Gilan, where I am from!

I wish to congratulate Dr Shokouhi for being known as the first DPT graduate of NUMSS in Iran.

Here is a letter he wrote me:

National Academy of Osteopathy Graduate in Italy

One of my Italian osteopathy students who graduated from the National Academy of Osteopathy in Italy, Rita Chimienti (a physiotherapist and now also an osteopath).

Thursday, 9 October 2014

My National Academy of Osteopathy Students - 2014

Here are some of my campus based National Academy of Osteopathy students (class of September 2014) at the York University Heights campus of NAO in Toronto.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

رشتهٔ آنلاین دکترای فیزیوتراپی

از بین ۲۰ (بیست) دانشگاهی که در آمریکا و اروپا رشتهٔ آنلاین دکترای فیزیوتراپی را ارائه میدهند، فقط دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ ما در اسپانیا است که تمام فیزیوتراپیستها را از تمام کشورها از جمله ایران قبول می‌کند. بقیه دانشگاهها فقط فیزیوتراپیستهایی را قبول میکنند که یا آمریکایی‌ هستند و یا مدرک کار آمریکا را دارند. شهریه دانشگاه ما نیز (بین ۳۰۰۰ تا ۶۰۰۰ یورو برای تمام درس) پایینترین شهریه بین این دانشگاهها می‌باشد

Monday, 6 October 2014

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) Student Testimonial

Here is what a student of mine at the National University of Medical Sciences from South Africa, Mr Michael Dare, a physiotherapist, who has enrolled in the DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) program offered by NUMSS had to say about NUMSS DPT program.

Comments like this makes us so happy!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Village of Foshtom, Gilan, Iran

Here are some photos of the village of Foshtom, where I spend the first 20 summers of my life and have a lot of memories there. Thanks to Dr Farjood Shokohi for emailing me these photos.

با تشکر از دکتر فرجود شکوهی بابت فرستادن چندین عکس از روستای فشتم که من ۲۰ سال اول زندگی‌ خود را در تابستانها آنجا می‌گذراندم و بسیار خاطره دارم

National Academy of Osteopathy: Technique Class

Teaching techniques to the class of September 2014 of National Academy of Osteopathy at the York University Heights campus.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Structure Governs Function

Structure governs function. Change the structure and you change the function. This for me is one of the most important philosophical concepts of osteopathy. A problem in the foundation of body (ie, muscles, joints, etc) causes a problem in its function (decreased flexibility, spasm, pain). 

By correcting the structure (the affected muscles, joints, & other body parts) through hands-on osteopathic techniques we improve the function (increased range of motion, decreased spasm & less pain). 

Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DOMP, DO
National Academy of Osteopathy
National University of Medical Sciences

ساختمان بدن حرکات و کارکرد بدن را کنترل می‌کند

ساختمان بدن حرکات و کارکرد بدن را کنترل می‌کند. با عوض کردن بنیاد بدن کارکرد بدن عوض میشود. برای من این یکی‌ از مهمترین فلسفه‌های استئوپتی می‌باشد. ناراحتی‌ در ساختمان بدن (در ماهیچه، مفصل، و غیره) باعث ناراحتی‌ در کارکرد بدن (درد، گرفتگی، کاهش در دامنه حرکت) میشود. درست کردن ساختمان بدن از طریق تکنیک‌های عملی‌ استئوپتی باعث بهتر کارکردن بدن میشود.
دکتر شاهین پورگل
آکدمی ملی‌ استئوپتی - کانادا
دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ - اسپانیا