Saturday, 8 November 2014

Letters Likes This Makes me the Happiest Teacher!

I love teaching & letters like this makes me the happiest teacher in the world! 
Dr Shahin Pourgol

Hello Dr. Pourgol, thank you that you teaching the lumbar Lateral Recumbent, pull and push on the spinous process techniques. I saved a lot people from pain with this technique. 

Recently there was a case of woman who suffers with severe pain from lower back blockage which doctors found on the x-ray. but gave her just injection which had no effect on her. Her family called me that she is crying from pain at home&  If I could help. 

With these techniques I did one time on both sides of the lumbar spine & it has adjusted very softly and now she can move freely. I saved also 86 years old lady from pain. Whole family thanked me to save her mother and grandmother. 

What a great feeling!

Martin Bouska
National University of Medical Sciences student (Class of Feb 2014)
Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) program
Czech Republic 

PS. The technique Martin refers to in his letter is the one in the photo he was practising in Madrid, Spain this past August in my practical osteopathic technique class.

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