Friday, 23 January 2015

Physician Becomes Osteopath After Treatment by my Student!

Canadian MD Studies Manual Osteopathy after Hiring my Student!
Manual osteopaths do miracles on a daily basis. We treat chronic cases that see us as the last resort. We help patients who thought they have to live with their pain forever. We give hope and a pain free life to many. 

Here is one of these cases. My National Academy of Osteopathy student Tony Lee, a manual osteopath in Richmond Hill, Ontario (Canada) got hired for the rehab clinic of Dr Raymond Chan, BSc(O), MBA, MD, DOMP, DO, a medical doctor. 

This physician had no idea what manual osteopathy was. The first patient he referred to Tony was an accident case with multiple fractures. This patient was unable to walk without assistance, and numerous professionals from different fields were unable to help him walk. After two weeks of manual osteopathic treatment provided by my student, this patient was able to walk! 

This appeared like a miracle and Dr Chan was so impressed with manual osteopathy that he and his wife Clarice registered at NAO to study manual osteopathy. Dr Chan followed his osteopathic education by also obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy and a Doctor of Osteopathy degree from National University of Medical Sciences. 

Dr Chan has recently expanded his clinic to become National Academy of Osteopathy satellite clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Four NAO students would intern in his clinic in the next term, starting March 2015. 

I am honoured to have such distinguished graduates. 

Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DOMP, DO
National Academy of Osteopathy
National University of Medical Sciences


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  2. Is it okay to use the term DO, as in the case of Dr. Raymond Chan, when you have not received your Osteopathic Medical degree?

    1. Dr Raymond Chan is a medical doctor (MD). He can however use the academic designation "DO" as anyone who obtained this degree can use it in Canada or elsewhere. Those who are not a medical doctor or other types of doctors in Canada, however cannot call themselves Dr or Doctors with our DO degree. So they can use their designation as John Smith, DO (doctor of osteopathy (Spain), osteopathic manual practitioner. Our DO graduates must mention that they are manual osteopaths in Canada as to avoid mistaking themselves with the American style osteopaths. They also must not use the title "Dr" or "Doctor" in their names.

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