Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Student in Norway Answers Question

National Academy of Osteopathy (Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice - DOMP) & National University of Medical Sciences (Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy) graduate from Norway, massage therapist/osteopath, Wenche Lian

Q & A between a potential student (USA) & our graduate (Norway) on “We Love Osteopathy” Facebook group.

Q: Stephen Burleson: I’m hoping to start DO/MBA! HOW do you like the school? Have you been on campus learning or distance- or both?! 

A: Wenche Lian: Hello. I have done both and it has been great. I work full time so it’s great to be able to study when I want. I love the courses and it has added so much to my practice and my clients love it to. The courses are well thought out and translate well to my everyday practice. The techniques are fantastic and they are so effective. I absolutely recommend it good luck and enjoy it. 

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