Friday, 29 April 2016

I am a Union President now!

I am now officially a union president! 

82% of those manual osteopaths across Canada who voted in this election, voted for me!

Osteopathy Union Board Members Elected

The executive board members of the newly founded Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners have been elected today by the osteopathic manual practitioners across Canada.

The new CUOMP board members are:
Secretary-Treasurer: Dr Jennifer Confalone-Pottruf, DBM, DO
Vice President: Dr Oleg Bagrin, MD, DOMP
President: Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD (with 82% of votes)

CUOMP is the first and only union in Canada dedicated to the profession of osteopathy.


با خوشحالی‌ به اطلاع میرسانم که در انتخابات اتحادیه آستئوپات‌های کانادا که امروز برگزار شد ۸۲% از آستئوپت‌های کانادا به من رای دادند و من به سمت رئیس این اتحادیه انتخاب شدم. من اولین ایرانی‌ هستم که در کانادا به ریاست یک اتحادیه انتخاب شدم

دکتر شاهین پورگل

Thursday, 28 April 2016

National Female Soccer Team Member Writes about NAO

Canada’s ex National Female Soccer Team member, osteopath Ann Shivas, DOMP writes about National Academy of Osteopathy (In Quebec, unlike the rest of Canada, manual osteopaths are permitted to be called osteopaths).

………………… I am happy I chose NAO, it allowed me to take full time classes without a summer break and gained the same amount of class and practical hours that other schools require.................... ………………….. The online component of NAO is great. Students are always able to go back and review sections that they feel they need more time. It was a great way to pace my studying, especially for the classes I found challenging. One thing I really enjoyed was the business lectures by Dr. Pourgol. I did not have a business background and after following his lectures, I now own a successful business.

Shahin & Justin

Thanks to my students in Iran for sharing my post :) It is much appreciated! 

Friday, 22 April 2016

AMTA accepts NUMSS

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) accepts now the National University of Medical Sciences, based in Naples, Florida (USA).

We are the only schools offering a bachelor of science degree program in massage therapy.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

250,000 Fans!

Quarter of a Million Facebook Fans!

Thank you everyone for making us the most popular schools of osteopathy in the world. We now have approximately 250,000 Facebook fans for National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada), National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and National University of Medical Sciences (USA).

NAO Government Award

Did you know National Academy of Osteopathy is the first and only osteopathy college to be accepted as an affiliate member of the Ontario Hospital Association and to receive recognition award for teaching excellence from Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities?

14,000 Members!

14,000 Members!
"We Love Osteopathy" group the largest Facebook group related to osteopathy has surpassed 14,000 members!
Thank you all for loving osteopathy. It is one of the most amazing health professions in the world. How it helps patients with neuromusculoskeletal chronic pain is nothing short of miracle!
Whenever people receive osteopathic care, they become loyal clients for life. This is how good manual osteopaths are at what they do.
To feel the amazing benefits of osteopathy, book an appointment for one hour of free osteopathic wellness care with one of our interns at our student clinic in Toronto (416-635-6550).

A post from my student in Quebec

Why I chose to Study Osteopathy at NUMSS

I choose the program Doctor of osteopathy for many reasons, the curriculum interested me in a sense that it complemented my education in kinesiology and chiropractic. Also since I have a busy practice the on line lectures were the best compromise because I could have made my own time table and studied at my pace. I am very satisfied of the content of the program it has attracted my interest strongly and motivated me to get out of my comfort zone. Since my graduation I give a better service to my patients and I have personally found a missing link in achieving my search for the ideal treatment.

Dr. Jean Alexandre Menard, BSc, DC, DO
Kinesiologist, Chiropractor, Osteopath
Boucherville, Québec Canada
Doctor of Osteopathy graduate (2016)
National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) 

تبریک به دکترهای فیزیوتراپی در ایران

از طرف خود و دیگر اساتید و کارمندان به تمام دانشجویان رشته دکترای حرفه‌‌ای فیزیوتراپی دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ اسپانیا که توانستند این دورهٔ ۲ ساله دی.پی‌.تی‌ را با موفقیت تمام کنند تبریک میگویم

شما عزیزان از پیش کسوتان دی.پی‌.تی‌ در ایران هستید و با دانش خود خواهید توانست بیشتر به بیماران و وطن خود خدمت نمایید

برای همه شما آرزوی موفقیت دارم و متشکر هستم که دانشگاه ما را انتخاب نمودید برای تحصیلات خود

شاد و تندرست باشید

دکتر شاهین پورگل
رئیس دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ آمریکا
رئیس دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ اسپانیا
رئیس اکادمی ملی‌ آستئوپاتی کانادا

اسامی فارغ التحصیلان اولین دوره دانشجویان ایرانی دکترای حرفه ای فیزیوتراپی DPT دانشگاه ملی علوم پزشکی اسپانی ( نامز ) :
1- دکتر فرشاد اخوتیان
2- دکتر هاشم بازرگانی

3- دکتر غلامرضا دقیقی
4- دکتر انوشیروان محمدی
5-دکتر مجید میرزا حیدری
6- دکتر حسین حامدی
7- دکتر سهیل ایرای
8- دکتر حمید رضا جلالی
بزودی و با ارسال پایان نامه بقیه دانشجویان کلا 20 نفر این ترم فارغ التحصیل خواهند شد.

NUMSS (Spain) Registration in Madrid

We are planning to offer campus based programs in Madrid (Spain) in near future. To do so we needed to register National University of Medical Sciences with the municipal authorities there to receive the master business license which would permit us to offer on-campus health programs.
We were able to register with Madrid, however authorities there by mistake registered the university as “University of Medical Sciences, Sociedad Limitada” instead of “National University of Medical Sciences, Sociedad Limitada”!
Our lawyer has contacted the ministry there and hopefully the error will be fixed soon.

Letter from AOA

NUMSS (USA) received a letter just now from American Osteopathic Association. They asked us to remind our graduates in USA, that they must not call themselves osteopaths or osteopathic physicians. As we have thought you numerous times in our lectures, in Canada and USA you must call yourself "osteopathic manual practitioner". This also goes for UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and South Africa. In the rest of the world you can call yourself an osteopath, but never an osteopathic physician. The laws of each country can change and you must always follow what the law says in the jurisdiction you practice.

Instant Success

What some of our students achieved are nothing short of miracle. Making their osteopathy practices booked up within a year is unheard of in any other health profession. We are quite proud of our alumni.

We are thinking to send a TV crew to a number of clinics to make a short interview of our graduates to show to the public what is osteopathy, what our graduates do and how successful they are.

Any alumni interested to be showcased should contact Rachel at

Testimonial from my student in a Caribbean Island

Thank you, Dr Shahin Pourgol. My naturopathy practice has increase from 4-6 patients a day to 8-10, in the last two and half months since I started using your osteopathy techniques in MET, MOB, FPR. Patients giving me rave reviews in getting better faster and removing their pain. Osteopathy rocks!

Dr. Randy Nagir
National University of Medical Sciences student (DO program)
San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago

Registering NAO with Ministry of Employment of Canada

Did you know National Academy of Osteopathy is registered with the Ministry of Employment & Social Services of Canada?

This allows our students to receive thousands in tuition and textbooks tax credits from the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Making History

There are 4 projects I am working on that would revolutionize the profession of manual osteopathy.
One was done on March 08 (registering the first manual osteopathy university in USA).

The second project was done today (registering the Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners) in Canada, the first and only union for manual osteopaths in Canada.

Two done, two more to go.

First Osteopathy Union in History

For the first time in history, manual osteopaths in Canada will have a union of their own!

Today, April 21, 2016 I have registered the Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (CUOMP) in Canada.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Research Proves Money Does Buy Happiness!

A recent research done in 2016 by neuroscientists in the United Kingdom proves that money indeed buys happiness, but only if it is used to buy experiences such as traveling, learning a new skill, attending a concert, gym membership, eating out, and having an hour of osteopathic wellness care.

Those who used money to purchase memorable experiences were permanently happier than others, researchers found.

When money is used to buy merchandises such as cars, cloths, watches, shoes, etc the happiness will be short term only. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lost Techniques of Manual Osteopathy

Did you know we are the only osteopathy school teaching the manual mechanotherapy techniques of H. R. Spitler?

Dr Spitler, MD, DC, DO, PhD was a chiropractor, medical doctor, optometrist & osteopath in Ohio, USA who invented a model of osteopathy techniques about a hundred years ago that dealt with soft tissue as well as osseous manual therapy.

As his techniques focused mainly on orthopedic conditions of musculoskeletal system, he fell out of favor with the osteopathy leadership of the time and his techniques were not taught in most osteopathic schools.

Manual mechanotherapy is now mainly practiced in Ohio by a group of practitioners calling themselves mechanotherpists. The techniques are considered the lost techniques of osteopathy.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum, NMD, DO (from Ohio, USA) has done six lectures on this technique which is now available for our students to watch at our video server.

To celebrate opening the first and only manual osteopathy university in the United States, in the month of May 2016 we are giving free access to all our updated and new videos to all NAO and NUMSS graduates once they complete an assignment. Contact Rachel or Luary if you wish to receive information on how to get your free user ID and password to our video server. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My BC Student Talks about NAO

My student from British Columbia, manual osteopath; Justin Frankson, DOMP had this to say about National Academy of Osteopathy: 

عضو وب سایت دانش اموختگان دکترای حرفه ایی نامز فیزیوتراپی شوید

همکاران فیزیوتراپیست به رایگان
عضو وب سایت دانش اموختگان دکترای حرفه ایی نامز فیزیوتراپی شوید

Congratulations Reyaz Rattan.

Congratulations Reyaz Rattan. Your hard work finally paid off. Best wishes for a great future as a manual osteopath.

My Student From Bermuda

Osteopathy student of mine, registered massage therapist Thomas Andrew, from Southampton, Bermuda visited us in Toronto for a couple of days in his way to Dubai & then Philippines for vacation. It was so nice to see him. Made me so happy.

We have students in most Caribbean islands, last one being from Guadeloupe.

I love the internet. It allows students from all over the world watch my video lectures online. Without technology our schools could not have grown so much.

Madrid, Here I Come!

I will visit Madrid this July for two weeks to teach the osteopathic practical technique classes at NUMSS (Spain) campus.

Our New Instructor

My student Andrew Chan has joined our faculty to teach two new advanced lecture series: trigger point therapy & ROM measurements. Welcome to our faculty Andrew!

Osteopathic manual therapy

Osteopathic manual therapy has been shown to have clinically measurable effects on the following physical and physiological
parameters, which can, in turn, impact overall health:
the activity of the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that cannot be controlled voluntarily);
biochemical markers;
blood supply and circulation;
immunity and inflammation;
joint range of motion;
lung function and capacity;
throughput of the lymphatic system;
spinal mobility;
and more.

The best compliment I had!

A patient of my student, Trevor Adam Cragg at National Academy of Osteopathy student clinic in Toronto asked to speak with me today.

She went on to thank me for setting up the free osteopathic clinic at our school. She had six months of treatments at a rehab clinic by a number of health professionals plus injection with no relief. After a few osteopathic treatments she can bend now to tie her own shoes!

This is what makes a teacher so happy. To see my students doing such great job.

I hope to see a day where our graduates provide osteopathic care in every city of the world with a population of over 100,000.

Great job Trevor. I am so proud of you.

وب سایت دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ آمریکا آماده شد

با عرض سلام، وب سایت دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ آمریکا آماده شد. این اولین و تنها دانشگاه در آمریکاست که رشتهٔ منوال آستئوپاتی را به سبک اروپا در آمریکا درس میدهد از مقطع لیسانس تا دکترا. همچنین اولین دانشگاه علوم پزشکی‌ در آمریکا می‌باشد که توسط یک هموطن ایرانی‌ بنیان نهاده شده است. این دانشگاه با تدریس ۸ رشته شروع به کار خواهد کرد از سپتامبر ۲۰۱۶ که شامل لیسانس آستئوپتی، دکترای آستئوپاتی، دکترای فیزیوتراپی، دکترای طبّ گیاهی، فوق لیسانس مدیریت بهداشت، فوق لیسانس ورزش درمانی، فوق لیسانس پدرتیکس، و لیسانس ماساژ تراپی می‌باشد. این رشته‌ها به صورت حضوری در شهر نپال در ایالت فلوریدا ارائه خواهد شد. کسانی‌ که نمیتوانند حضوری درس بخوانند میتوانند در کلاسهای آنلاین شرکت نمایند.
دکتر شاهین پورگل
رئیس و بنیانگذار دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ آمریکا
رئیس و بنیانگذار اکادمی ملی‌ آستئوپاتی کانادا
رئیس و بنیانگذار دانشگاه ملی‌ علوم پزشکی‌ اسپانیا

My student on Vietnamese TV

My NAO (Canada) & NUMSS (Spain) student, manual osteopath, Dr Duke Pham, DOMP, DO  speaks about osteopathy on Vietnamese TV. 

A post from my student in Vietnam

My NAO (Canada) & NUMSS (Spain) student in Vietnam, osteopath, Dr Stephane Laporte, DOMP, DO, had this to say about his studies with his two schools:

Rheumatologist Joins Our Faculty

My NAO student, manual osteopath & rheumatologist, Dr Earnest Geid, MBA, MD, DOMP has joined our schools as a physiology professor. Welcome Doctor to our faculty!

Why are my Students Instant Success?

My new business lectures on asset protection, tax planning and reducing liability which will be available to our students within a week. 
In these lectures I show my students at NAO, NUMSS (Spain) & NUMSS (USA) how to use a holding company to protect their current company, investments and real estate. I will also show them how to invest in retirement saving plans without paying tax when they withdraw their money and how to purchase a life insurance without being personally liable for it and also how to make their life insurance premium tax deductible.

These business lectures are one of the reasons why my students are instant success after graduation. My students are successful manual osteopaths because I teach them everything I know about how to manage their business effectively. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

8 Months of Osteopathy Clinical Internship

Our campus based students at National Academy of Osteopathy, National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and National University of Medical Sciences (USA) spend up to 8 months of clinical internship at our student clinic (osteopathy internship is not available to online students).

Osteopathy treatments are offered free of charge to the public. To make an appointment for an hour of free osteopathic care please call 416-635-6550.

Osteopathy Titles

A number of different titles and designations are used by osteopaths, and osteopathic manual practitioners around the world. Below you will find the most common osteopathic titles used by osteopaths:

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Silence Retreat

I regularly go to silence retreat and every day spend a few minutes thinking in silence. I teach this to my students as well. I just read a research that shows this actually (at least in mice) improves your brain!

My students, aside from learning osteopathy, learn everything I know about business management and life improvement. That is one reason we are so popular and our graduates so successful, financially and emotionally.

Here is the link to the article:

Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD
professor of NAO & NUMSS