Monday, 23 May 2016

Foreigner’s Guide to Working in USA as Manual Osteopaths

Our three schools (National University of Medical Sciences (USA), National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) & National Academy of Osteopathy) teach manual osteopathy in 68 countries. Many of our non-American graduates wish to work in the states. America needs many osteopathic manual practitioners. 

Best is to get advice from a lawyer or immigration consultant on how to emigrate to US. Here is a simplified short guide on steps necessary to work in the states for those who are not US residents (If you are Canadian, the process becomes easier due to North American Free Trade Agreement – NAFTA). 

1-      You cannot call yourself an osteopath in the US as the title is restricted to osteopathic physicians who basically have the same license as a medical doctor, and can prescribe medications and perform surgery.
2-      You can work as an osteopathic manual practitioner in all states.
3-      You should obtain malpractice insurance in the states (costs between $200 to $300 per year in most states).
4-      You MUST secure a job offer from a medical, rehab, osteopathy or physiotherapy clinic (you will not be issued a work visa without a secured job offer).
5-      Your employer must place an ad in the local newspaper or media, looking for an osteopathic manual practitioner for 2 months.
6-      If your employer does not find an American osteopathic manual practitioner, then she can start the process of sponsoring you.
7-      You have to apply for a work permit to US Immigration Office.
8-      Once you obtain a work permit you can travel to the state and start working there.
9-      Work permits are generally for one to two years.
10-   The process is time consuming and employers generally require a commitment by you to work at least a year or more in their clinics.
11-   You cannot open your own clinic in the sates on a work visa. Once you obtain a US Greencard (permanent residency card), then you can open your own private manual osteopathic clinic.
12-   There is no private insurance available for manual osteopathy in the states. Patients pay on cash basis (anywhere from $60 to $120 per hour).
13-   Employers must pay you a salary. Pure commission based positions are not accepted for work visa. However once you obtain a US Greencard, you can work on commission basis in the states.
14- Your potential employer must have filled at least one business annual income tax return (this means the newly established clinics will have a hard time getting you a work visa. Preferably the clinic that is planning to employ you should have been working at least for a year). The Immigration department will ask for a copy of annual business tax return statement.

      Please remember that you must always follow the laws and rules of the state you practice in. I do hope you have found this article helpful. Have a wonderful day and if I can be of any assistance to you my dear colleague, feel free to email me or contact me on my personal Facebook page.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Dr. Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD
Founder, President, Professor
National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada)
National University of Medical Sciences (Spain)
National University of Medical Sciences (USA)

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