Monday, 25 July 2016

Lost 22kg (48.50 pounds) so far (since April 29, 2016)

I need to lose 8kg more to reach my ideal weight of 88kg.

To continue losing weight it is important for you to keep your metabolism high. Starving yourself and lack of activity lowers your metabolic rate and then you will not lose any fat.

To keep losing fat you should eat often (small portions) during the day, snacking on carrots, etc and keep active during the day.

I know exercising 30 minutes a day could be hard. So what you can do is do 5 minutes of activity 6 times per day. This along with snacking on some veggies or yogurt would keep your metabolism high.

I am off to Spain today, but will not take my Taekwondo uniform with me as I plan to do alot of walking (ie shopping).

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