Saturday, 6 August 2016

Weight Loss Tip

Yesterday I went shopping for some cloths. Bought some shirts and shorts. I was surprised to see that the large size shirts fit me now (3 months ago I was XXL) and the shorts are size 34 (3 months ago I was over 40)! 

I get asked a lot how I lost over 50 pounds in 3 months. It was actually quite easy for me. You can do it as well. The key is to start right now. Not tomorrow. Right now, and start slowly. 

To start do not diet and do not exercise (initially). Just cut meat, salt, fat and sugar from the food you eat daily. Eat as much as you want of everything else. You end up losing some weight while feeling a lot more energized. Once your energy level increases you can add a few minutes of exercise and activity to your day. This would keep your metabolism high and make you lose more weight. 

I started with 5 minutes of exercise six times per day. After a while when my body became more active then I started working out more. I do now 15 minutes of Yoga in the morning, 30 minutes of strength training after breakfast and 15 minutes of Taekwondo in the afternoon. 

By starting slowly you give your body a chance to get more energized. Going too fast and quickly make you give up. 

A healthy life style awaits you and it feels wonderful. Give it a try. Your body would thank you for it. 


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