Saturday, 10 September 2016

Best Exercise for Weight Loss

I have lost over 59.5 pounds since 4 months ago. Do you know what exercise helped me lose weight? For the first 6 weeks of changing my diet and lifestyle I did not do any exercise. All I did was a bit of activity. I stood and walked for 5 minutes every hour. Now I do weight lifting, Yoga and Taekwondo.

But I started with just standing and walking 5 minutes every hour. This is my advice to you. Start slowly. Just get up from the sofa, stop watching TV, go outside, and walk for 5 minutes. Enjoy the fresh air, the trees and nature and just get out of the house for a few minutes.
After a while you will have new found energy, you get more in shape and you can start exercising other things that are more intense. But in my opinion the best exercise to start your weight loss journey is getting up from a sitting position, and walking.

Even if you do not walk outside, just do it inside home. Once your body gets used to walking every hour, your activity level will increase exponentially.

Getting up is the first step to your new healthy life. And it is the best exercise to start your weight loss. 

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