Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I was bad today but it was not my fault!

It was actually the fault of my employees, Dasha and Nick. They are now in Nicaragua. After teaching today at National Academy of Osteopathy, when I left work, the temperature outside was 31 degrees! I put on my yellow tinted glasses and put some Latin music and suddenly I was transported to the Latin America. Mixed that with the fact that these two employees are now in Nicaragua, made me do a bad thing!

I went to a cigar shop and purchased a CAO Maduro cigar from Nicaragua. CAO is not the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, Ontario! It is a cigar company :) If I cannot be in Nicaragua at least I can taste it :) I like dark cigars as they have more flavor.

So after about a year of healthy life style I smoked my first cigar today. I know it is bad. So if I get tongue cancer you know who is to blame, Dasha and Nick!
— with Dasha Veprjitska and Nicholas Zancai.

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