Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Last Resort

There is a recent study done by University of Texas and published in the Journal of AOA (you can find the link to the research at my Facebook page; Osteopathy Related Research & Science). The research was done on 500 patients, showed that with 6 (I am not joking, JUST 6) osteopathic treatments (once per week for 6 weeks), over 50% of these patients recovered from chronic low back pain and long term disability!!!! This is like miracle. Most cases manual osteopaths treat are cases that patients for years had treatments by other health professionals with no success. That is why we have a patient loyalty rate of 98% (more than any other health professionals in Canada). Our ability to treat chronic pain is what makes manual osteopaths so in demands that waiting lists of 6 months to a year is not unheard of.

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