Monday, 31 July 2017

This simple technique helps you get what you want!

Many people wish for what they want, a new house, car, vacation, etc. However for most people this remains at the wish level as they do not work on getting what they wish for.

If you really want to make your wish come true follow this simple technique by opening a bank account and depositing 10% of your paycheck into it on regular basis.

Research shows that saving 10% of your paycheck will not be noticeable in your life. However this “act”, this action you take by saving your money is one of the most powerful motivators to help you get what you want.

What you focus on grows and by focusing on saving your money towards reaching your goal, you bring your goal and what you want to reality even though the money you save may not be enough initially to pay for what you want it brings about a change in your life that helps you get what you want.

I have seen many who realized their dreams by taking this simple action. Do this to turn I wish into I have!

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