Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Use Money to Buy Happiness

I have said it over and over that money indeed buys happiness, and research has shown this to be true numerous times.

In a recent joint study done by researchers at Harvard University (USA) & the University of British Columbia (Canada) it was shown that money indeed buys happiness!

Of course some happiness is short term, such as when you buy material objects. And some are long term, when you buy experience (such as vacationing).

However from all people who use money to buy happiness the most satisfied and the happiest were the ones who used money to save time.

The new study shows that only a few people actually spend money this way to save time. However those who do so are the happiest.

Best happiness is to pay someone else to do your chores. This frees up your time to do whatever you wish. So learn to delegate. Pay others to do parts of your job. And try not to do everything by yourself. Research shows you will be a lot happier this way.

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