Monday, 13 November 2017

Congratulations to the new COMPO Council members

Congratulations to the new Council members of the College of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners of Ontario.

COMPO (founded in 2014) is a member of the Coalition for the Regulation of Manual Osteopathy in Ontario.

COMPO differs from other osteopathic association as it's mandate is to protect the public not the manual osteopaths. It is the only organization in Ontario that requires its members to pass written and practical exams. It is the only organization that has funding for therapy & counselling ($13,130) available for sexual abuse victims, and it is the only organization that requires all its members to take a mandatory Fraud Prevention and Abuse Prevention ethics course.

To get manual osteopathy regulated the profession has to have a structured College structured to protect the public. COMPO has been found for this purpose. It is an important part of the push to get profession regulated.

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