Sunday, 30 December 2018

9 Years of Teaching Osteopathy!

In two days it would be nine years since I started teaching osteopathy! It seems a lot but it went quickly! Time flies when you are having fun!  

2010 National Academy of Osteopathy 
2012 National University of Medical Sciences (Spain)
2016 National University of Medical Sciences (USA)
2017 Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada 
2018 National University of Medical Sciences (Panama)

I am blessed to be doing the thing I love to do. I love, live, and breath osteopathy. Osteopathy is my everything. It is the reason for my being on this earth. And it is why I wake up everyday with so much passion in my heart. I am grateful to be an osteopathy teacher with ability to expand this profession worldwide. 

I wish to see the day (and this is my goal in life) when there are manual osteopaths in every town of the world. This is an amazing profession. It does wonders in treating chronic pain and all people should have access to this miraculous health profession.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Would You Use Your Own Services?

Patients have many brands to choose from. You are one of them! 

Yes, you are a brand! You may not think of yourself as a "brand" but you have your own personal brand. Now, would you buy your own services or keep shopping?

Your personal brand is always shouting out laud and like all other brands patients constantly scrutinize it on day to day basis. 

The way your personal brand resonates with patients will profoundly impact your success in your practice. If your brand is not clear about what your mission is, and how it can be beneficial to potential patients, then you have a problem with your brand image. 

Providing great osteopathic care, being punctual, clean, well dressed and well groomed, having great work ethics, answering inquiries in time, consistent message, passion for your work, commitment to your work, and the overall value you create for others through your work enhance your personal brand.

Overall in whatever you do, on social media, in person, at work, at home, at social setting, in all situations, you must be aware of your personal brand and resonate the same message. That you are a great manual osteopath and you love what you do and you are passionate to help people.

These days patients instantly can see you online and evaluate your personal brand. Is your brand powerful enough to influence them to make an appointment or would it make them look elsewhere for osteopathic care? This all depends on how they perceive your brand.

Be persistent online and offline about your image and personal brand. Image is everything. Yes, it requires work to keep your brand relevant. Being persistent with your message is the key. 

So evaluate yourself. Would you use your own services?

Friday, 28 December 2018

Ten ways manual osteopaths can have healthier, calmer work days

To master stress is to live a long happy healthy life.

Here are ten ways manual osteopaths can have healthier, calmer work days:

1- Take a few deep breath before treating each patient.
2- Keep water on your desk and sip it throughout the day.
3- Have 5 minutes break between patients.
4- Turn off your email alerts and check your inbox at set times.
5- Use correct posture when treating patients.
6- Use hypoallergic non-scented lotion and oil if you provide soft tissue therapy.
7- Do not use chemical deodorizers inside your treatment room. There are many natural ones available if needed. In any case it is best not to use any deodorizer unless it is absolutely necessary.
8- Use proper shoes and socks that help standing for prolonged periods comfortable and use comfortable cotton based uniforms or cloths. No polyester based clothing as they do not allow proper airflow.
9- Use an electrical hi-lo table which is one of the best investments you can do in your health.
10- Use products such as Sp1ke around your treatment table which helps you stand comfortably for prolonged periods. Sp1ke is a unique Canadian patented type of advanced closed-cell EVA foam made by VIGURUS Technologies. This product is approved by National Academy of Osteopathy and the International Osteopathic Association. Contact Brian Jamieson for info on how to purchase this product.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Want more serotonin?

Let the Sun Shine!
Did you know children who do not get enough sun have more chance of becoming overweight?
Did you know adults who do not get enough sun do not sleep well at night and become more depressed?
Start your day with the glorious sunlight (if you do not have the sunlight in your area you can visualize it. It helps calm your mind).
Sunshine is a key stress buster. Stress kills and to reduce it, simply walk outside under the sun. Aside from making vitamin D in your body, it also boosts the levels of feel good hormone serotonin in the body which helps you become calm and relaxed.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

Many Christian governments in North America and Western Europe have stopped using Merry Christmas as to not offend people of other faith as well as those who do not believe in religion. Instead they use the generic Happy Holidays.
For me personally Christmas has nothing to do with religion. I celebrate the birth of Jesus as I consider him a revolutionary figure. His ideas of love and forgiveness has changed the world for better and for this I feel everyone, no matter what faith should celebrate his birthday.
Jesus left a legacy. And this is what it means to be a human being. Leaving a legacy is a new characteristic that has been added by philosophers to what means to be a human being. To leave the world a bit better than it was before you.
We all should strive to make the world a better place. If we do that we will leave a legacy. And we become worthy of being called a human being.
In Panama they still use Merry Christmas in business as well as by the government. I wish all governments do that. Jesus is not about religion for many people. He is a human being who left a legacy and made the world a better place because of his ideas. He shook the system. He made it better. And for this we should celebrate his birthday.
Merry Christmas everyone! 

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Increasing Bank Account While Decreasing Weight!

My student, manual osteopath Sherry Essnaasahri, DOMP, who is a graduate of National Academy of Osteopathy as well as a member of Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada has sent me a letter that made me so happy.

Here is part of her letter:

Hi Dr. Pourgol,
How are you? I hope things are going smoothly for you in your exciting and new adventures in Panama! I wish you every bit of success and happiness.
I am delighted to let you know, my hard work is starting to really pay off, and I am busy with clients.
..............Never thought, I would increase increase my bank account and decrease my weight all at the same time! I have lost well over 20 pounds and a few dress sizes, but most of all, my mind feels fresh.
Joining your school was the best thing for me, and it changed my life. Not only did I learn a whole new skill, but I implemented some of the things you mention in your business lectures. I have gained a lot more confidence......... I find this work so beautiful and quiet and humbling....... I am truly grateful for my life.
Thank you for your help.
Wishing you and your loved ones, every good wish.

How to live one year longer!

Do you complain of not having enough time to do what you want?
We all want more time. More time to to live, more time to love, and more time to do what we want.
A simple tip I give to my students to add time to their daily lives is to wake up an hour earlier each day. Waking up an hour early adds the equivalent of one year to your life in 25 years.
I usually wake up at 3AM. While my competitors are sleeping I do my work. This is one reason why I am good at what I do. I do this no matter where I am. I get my work done first thing in the morning before I get distracted by "life".
There is something special and magical about early mornings. For some reason time moves slower for me in the early hours. It is calmer. The whole world is sleep, and you are the only one who is up. The self confidence and the feeling you get out of this is amazing. You feel proud of yourself for being dedicated to your goals.
Do you really need that extra hour of sleep? We sleep for eternity when we die! Add time to your day. It helps you achieve your goals and it helps you become more successful in life. Having more time in your day will also reduce your stress.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Waterfront NUMSS (Panama) Building

I present to you the first office of National University of Medical Sciences (Panama)! 
I found the perfect office for National University of Medical Sciences (Panama).
Many real estate agents told me in Panama that I cannot find a waterfront office within my budget. However my lawyer Benjamin who is one of the most helpful lawyers I have ever seen, was able to find this office for me through one of his friends.
This office is about 100 meters from the Pacific ocean just above Balboa Street! It is in a classy chic area next door to where president of Panama lives.
The building has 35 floors (we are on 10th). It has a chic coffee shop on 6th floor. It also has a supermarket, restaurant and coffee shop in the first floor. In front of it there is a park and in the back there is the Pacific ocean.
It was always my dream to have a waterfront office and now I have!!
A big thanks to my lawyer Benjamin.
But the best thing about this building is that it has a pool!!!! NUMSS (Panama) staff can swim before or after their work!!! 

NUMSS (Panama) Registration Document

The original registration documents of National University of Medical Sciences (Panama) has been received today. There is now a NUMSS in Panama!

This is what I live for!

If one student follows my business lectures and have a better life because of it, my mission is accomplished!
This is a post from my student, manual osteopath Edward Moore who has a clinic in Nova Scotia:
Thanks for the info! I regularly get compliments on my business structure (hold-co/op-co) from financial advisers, accountants, and lawyers. They tell me I had a knowledgeable person advise me to get set up like this. I always say yes I did 😉

I admire toughness

Every time I pass through Casco Viejo in Panama City I make sure to stop and look at this papaya tree for a minutes. This tree is surviving without water on top of a tall house on the roof!
Can you imagine how tough it is? It is extracting food from dry cement and metal! What tree can do this? Only a tough tree! I admire this papaya. It reminds me of myself. Sometimes I have to fight against all odds to survive.
I am happy my office manager Dasha came to Panama City for a week to train four applicants for National University of Medical Sciences (Panama). I was feeling lonely here and it was so nice to meet colleagues from Canada here in Panama. 
Dasha was the top of her class at National Academy of Osteopathy getting the highest mark in exams. She then went on to take the master of business administration and bachelor of science in osteopathy at National University of Medical Sciences (Spain).
Dasha is a Ballerina and an Ontario dance champion. Even though she loves osteopathy and wanted to work as a manual osteopath with her boyfriend Nicholas Zancai, DOMP who is also a manual osteopath student of mine, I made her an offer she could not refuse! You see, it is hard to say no to me! 
You see, I love Dasha's toughness. You think I who did years of martial arts am tough? Wait until you see how ballerinas practice! I have a new found respect for ballet! Dasha practices ballet everyday until her toes bleed!!!
Ballet is a tough sport and a lot different than it looks. When you watch ballet you feel elegance and grace but it is a lot tougher than martial arts.
I also like Dasha's organization skills. She has her schedule written down and organized for a year in advance! 
Since she was promoted to the office manager our business has become a lot more organized.
Dasha is like ballet. Elegant, beautiful and graceful to look at but one tough manual osteopath! I am so happy to have her on my team. 
Be tough, like this Papaya! Ger your share of life out of whatever situation you find yourself.

Training Day in Panama

Manual osteopath Dasha Veprjitska, DOMP, BSc(O), MBA has travelled to Panama City from Toronto, Canada to train Ashby Foster, Josseline Hennis, Jianna Howard, and Luisa Valencia for work at National University of Medical Sciences (Panama).

Outdoor Exercise

One of the things I like about Panama City is that people walk everywhere and they are health oriented. There are outdoor exercise equipment on the waterfront which are fun to use.
Last night I saw so many young people running and doing exercise on the waterfront area.
Weather is amazing here.

Our Osteopathic System is the Best!

Our scientific style of osteopathy, that mobilizes everything is quite successful in treating last resort cases. Here is a text my sister manual osteopath, Dr Shirin Pourgol, BA, DOMP, DO (Spain) sent me about a patient who had chronic pain for many years and had unsuccessful treatments from a lot of practitioners with no help.
We teach our students to treat based on scientific principles, not the outdated dogma and myths. What others said and done 100 years ago is not necessarily good. The parts that are good and proven by research we accept and the parts that are not good we throw away. To blindly accept what someone said 100 years ago does not make you a good practitioner.
I always get angry letters from some students of ours who are manual osteopaths from other colleges. They say but so and so said this 130 years ago. It is part of our foundation.
To these students I say but so and so also said to cure influenza in a baby, you have to hold him/her under the armpits, lift him/her up to your eye level and shake him/her vigorously making his/her head move back and forth!!!! If you do this now you will be charged with child abuse!!!!
This is what makes us different from other schools. We base our style of treatment on research proven scientific principles! We do not have blind faith in osteopathy. We love osteopathy but this does not mean we accept everything that was said and done over 100 years ago.
Many manual osteopaths still practice the way osteopathy was done over 100 years ago. I believe this is a dis-service to our patients. We have to grow. We have to shed the bad things and focus on the good things that are proven through research.
For me the most important thing is that patients get better faster. And this we have achieved. We have testimonials from patients who have been to other manual osteopaths with no result and they get better after seeing our alumni.
Our scientific system is the best type of manual osteopathy. The success of our alumni proves this everyday in practice.

NUMSS (Panama) Registrar

Ashby Foster is our new registrar at National University of Medical Sciences (Panama). Congratulations Ashby!

We got the keys!

We got the keys today to the office of our university in Panama.
We were supposed to have it on Dec 20th but the landlord was nice enough to let us have it early.
Many real estate agents told me it is not possible to have an office so quickly. But dealing with impossible is what I do! 
Not only we got an office with great view, it also came fully furnished with desks, chairs, TV, fridge, coffee maker, Etc!
We will have to get phone and internet and we will be ready for business.
The NUMSS (Panama) is officially scheduled to open on January 02nd, 2019.

No more taxi rides!

National University of Medical Sciences has given me a company car to be used for business. I have a car now!

NUMSS (Panama) Mailing Address

The new address of National University of Medical Sciences (Panama) is:
Bella Vista,
Calle 43 Este, Edificio PH,
Colores de Bella Vista,
Piso 10, Oficina B,
Panama City, Republica de Panama

Free Advanced Cranial Osteopathy Course

To celebrate opening of the first bilingual osteopathic university, the National University of Medical Sciences (Panama) we have decided to give free access to the 22 lectures of the advanced cranial osteopathy course for 3 months to all our alumni who have taken an osteopathy program with us.
This is our way of saying thanks for all they do in helping people who suffer from chronic pain. It is the success of our alumni in treating chronic pain that made us a success story.
In our group we now have three universities in USA, Spain and Panama, a college in Canada and 235 clinics in 16 countries. This is all thanks to you our alumni. We love you and we continue working hard to bring unique innovative osteopathic education to you.

Panama Labor Code

Did you know Panama has one of the best labor codes and employment laws in the world?
Employees here get two months of vacation pay per year plus one month of salary as bonus. This means every year they get paid for 15 months!
And they have the right to unionize and go on strike and demonstrate.
I was walking on the street when I saw some union members demonstrating. They blocked the waterfront Balboa street where the president of Panama lives, and where National University of Medical Sciences (Panama) admissions office is located. There was a huge traffic jam for a couple of hours.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Manulife Initiates Wellness Program

I read in the Toronto Star a few days ago but forgot to write about it here.

Manulife is the first one who started this and it may soon be followed by other insurers.

Manulife understands that a healthy person uses less of the extended health benefit insurance coverage. So they have started a wellness program to improve health of the people that are insured with them.

I do not recall the detail but apparently they will track your movements and analyze your activities such as how often you go to a gym. And then the more active you become the more discount you get in your premium and/or a card that gives you discounts towards movies, and other things.

They want through incentives to motivate people to have a healthier lifestyle.

It is a nice approach and I admire Manulife for caring about wellness. I wish more insurers initiate wellness programs.

NUMSS Student Mails Me a Painting

I was so surprised today to find out that my student at National University of Medical Sciences Dr William Goggin Cobb (from United Kingdom) mailed me a painting.

This is so kind of you doctor. I am eternally grateful for this beautiful painting.

Government of India invited NUMSS to invest in India.

Invitation from India Minister of Tourism

I just received a letter from the Minister of Tourism in India to invest in India. I am honoured by this request. I had no idea the Government of India knows about National University of Medical Sciences!

Here is part of the letter:

Dear Dr. Shawn
We are proud to invite you to India, an incredible land steeped in beauty, myths and legends.................India, offers you a world of exciting business possibilities...............Invest in India, discover a world of opportunities, and take your business to stellar heights!

I am so impressed with this NUMSS student from Germany!

I was so impressed by one of my students. She is so brave! This student is a massage therapist in Germany who is studying the dual degree bachelor of science in osteopathy/doctor of osteopathy program at National University of Medical Sciences (Spain).

She loves my business lectures and in them I recommend to my students to travel the world, work in other countries for a while before settling in their home countries if they have the chance. Travelling opens your mind and horizon. It is a beautiful world out there.

She recently contacted me and told me she purchased a one way ticket on November 29th, 2018 to Panama City! And since August she is taking Spanish lessons.

I do hope she works for the Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada there once she graduates.
I know it must have been a hard decision for her. I myself cannot sleep well in the past few days.
 Time usually flies for me but it is going so slow these days! I want tomorrow come faster so I could get on the airplane and get on with my new life in Panama.

I will be back in the last two weeks of February to attend the practical technique class of National Academy of Osteopathy and its graduation day.

The first two weeks of February will be the practical technique classes of National University of Medical Sciences, and its graduation day in Toronto.

I am excited to see so many of my students in February!
Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 at 8AM starts a new chapter of my life. I am sad, happy, nervous, and excited all at the same time!

Saturday, 24 November 2018

افتتاح یک دانشگاه دو زبانه در کشور پاناما

  هموطنان عزیز
باعث افتخار من است که به اطلاع برسانم که ما توانستیم مجوز افتتاح یک دانشگاه دو زبانه را در کشور پاناما بگیریم

این سومین دانشگاه ما خواهد بود بعد از اسپانیا و آمریکا. تدریس در این دانشگاه به زبان اسپانیایی و انگلیسی خواهد بود
مدارس من باعث پیشرفت بسیار زیاد رشتهٔ آستئوپاتی در کانادا شدند. الان بیشتر از نصف منوال آستئوپات‌های کانادا دانشجوی ما هستند. الان در تمام استانهای کانادا دانشجویان ما در حال کار هستند. اما این رشته در آمریکای جنوبی و لاتین شناخته شده نیست. یکی از اهداف زندگی من این است که این رشته را در تمام شهرهای جهان داشته باشیم. این رشته در درمان دردهای مزمن اعجاز می‌کند. برای همین ما تصمیم گرفتیم که در کشور پاناما دانشگاه بزنیم تا بتوانیم این رشته را در کشورهای اسپانیایی زبان ترویج دهیم

من بعد از ۳۲ سال زندگی در کانادا به کشور پاناما این هفته مهاجرت خواهم کرد تا بتوانم از نزدیک مدیریت این دانشگاه را به عهده بگیرم

هر ۲ ماه یک بار البته من به کانادا خواهم برگشت. و باز طبق گذشته به دانشگاه‌های ما در آمریکا و اسپانیا سر خواهم زد

هموطنانی که به کشور پاناما مسافرت میکنند قدمشان روی چشم. به دانشگاه ما سر بزنید وقتی آمدید به پاناما. از دیدن شما خوشحال خواهیم شد

What a beautiful world!

I just found out a teacher from another Canadian osteopathy school registered to study osteopathy at National Academy of Osteopathy!

We have currently presidents of 4 osteopathic schools and a number of their teachers as alumni.
Our method of osteopathy is based on scientific principles. This along with our 200 business lectures attracts many manual osteopaths to study osteopathy again with us.

We graduate successful manual osteopaths because we teach them everything we know about business.

On a separate topic, the best Balsamic vinegar in the world is from the town of Modena in Italy. It is aged for a long time and has complex sweet taste. The good ones sell about $60 for a small bottle. They are expensive but a worthy treat. Add one teaspoon to your salad and see magic happen!

Thank you Dasha!

We are one step closer to getting approval to open our first campus in Florida, USA. And this is thanks to the hard work of our staff, specially office manager, manual osteopath Dasha Veprjitska, DOMP, BSc(O), MBA for helping us prepare the necessary documents.

Dasha is a former ballerina and an Ontario dance champion who after finishing the DOMP program of National Academy of Osteopathy went on to obtain a bachelor of science in osteopathy and a master of business administration from National University of Medical Sciences. 

She will be in Panama City in December to train the new NUMSS (Panama) staff. She will then travel to Florida to help with our new campus approval process.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

My Sister: Dr Shirin Pourgol

Did you know my sister Dr. Shirin Pourgol, BA, DOMP, DO (Spain) is a manual osteopath?

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Good Bye My Love

Canada, my love, after 32 years of being with you, osteopathy is taking me away from you.
I just bought a one way ticket to Panama City for November 27, 2018.

This is the first time in my life that I purchased a one way ticket in Canada! I do not know when I will be back in Canada. It all depends on how much work is waiting for me in Panama City.
It is a lot of work setting up an office overseas. However I am excited and love doing it while also being sad for leaving Canada. It is a mix of different emotions in my heart.

Osteopathy is well established in Canada. In Latin America however we can expand the profession greatly by having a university there offering multilingual programs.

I will be by myself in Panama City. I would feel lonely there and would love to see any of you there. If you visit Panama make sure to drop by to say hello!