Monday, 29 January 2018

Our 1st OCPCC Clinic in Forest, ON (143 Clinics Worldwide)

We are happy to announce that registered nurse and manual osteopath Amy Scott, RN, BSc(N), DOMP represents our clinic, the Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada (OCPCC) in the town of Forest, Ontario (Canada). We now have 143 clinics across the world.

Amy is a graduate of the National Academy of Osteopathy as well as a member of the Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.

OCPCC becomes operational in Spring of 2018. With 143 locations across the world OCPCC is the largest privately owned chronic pain clinic in the world.

All manual osteopaths joining OCPCC are chronic pain specialists who have graduated from one of our three schools, the National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada), National University of Medical Sciences (USA), or National University of Medical Sciences (Spain).

Welcome to OCPCC Amy! We are happy to have you in our team.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Obesity is Contagious!

A new study published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that obesity is contagious in families living together.

Please lose weight if you are overweight and have children in your household. Their health depends on you staying healthy and fit.

Remember to eat less and walk more. 

Canadian Prime Minister sends card to my studnets

Honorable Justin Trudeau has sent a season greetings card for my students.

It was such a nice surprise to see the card after my trip from Aruba. I am grateful that the prime minister is a friend of manual osteopathy. He has been kind enough to send NAO students a card every year. 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

5th Year Anniversary

Today is the 5th year anniversary of my father passing away. He was a great teacher with students in many countries around the world. I miss him a lot and always speak with him in my heart.
It is he who insisted I become a doctor. It is he who insisted I become a teacher. He instilled in me the love of books. His life was spent helping others and always taught us to help others.
The world become a better place through him. I am proud of him and I love him dearly.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Working in Aruba as a Manual Osteopath

Aruba (One Happy Island) is a beautiful, luxury Caribbean island of the Netherlands. It is a perfect place for manual osteopaths to work for those interested in an island lifestyle.

While Dutch & Papiamento are official languages, everyone speaks English and US dollar is the main currency used, even though Florin is the official currency. The island is small (32 km long, population 105,000) but millions of tourists visit it regularly and it is well developed, safe and clean.

Manual osteopaths interested to work in the Island should first secure employment in a medical clinic, spa, resort, hotel, rehab, physiotherapy or massage therapy clinic or a gym. With the employment offer they can obtain a work visa easily that can be renewed every year.

Those who work for 10 years can receive Aruba residency. They can then apply to the Netherlands for a Dutch passport issued in Europe. Those on work visa are permitted to purchase real estate. Foreigners, without work visa are permitted to open their own businesses in Aruba as well.

As Aruba has Netherlands tax system, it is not a tax heaven like some other Caribbean countries. The corporation tax rate is 25%. Employee tax rate is a progressive system with a maximum of 55% (cat 1) and 59% (cat 2) for incomes of $150,000 and over. There is no income tax for income of less than $10,000/yr.
The quality of lifestyle in Aruba is high. Food is amazing (some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean are in Aruba), beaches are perfect and the weather is 29 degrees year round as it is just 20 miles to Venezuela. Unlike some other islands, the real estate is not that expensive. A detached 3 bedroom house can be purchased for $350,000 walking distance from the beach. Wages are high, people are wealthy in general, most have private health insurance, and there is a chance for workers to become citizens of Aruba and then receive Dutch passport.

Aruba is one of my most favourite Caribbean destinations.