Saturday, 19 May 2018

Suffering from Chronic Pain? We can help.

Did you know manual osteopathy offers one of the best treatments available for chronic pain?
A study done at University of Texas showed 50% of people with chronic back pain fully recovered with just six osteopathic treatments.

We do what seems like miracles on a daily basis. Many of the cases we see are last resort cases who had years of unsuccessful treatments. If you have chronic pain, if no other treatments have helped you, give us a try. You can live pain free through manual osteopathy.

We specialize in helping people with chronic pain in their joints, bones, nerves and muscles, such as pain in back, neck, knees, shoulders, hips, jaws, elbows and feet.

With 176 clinics in Canada, US and elsewhere, we are the largest chronic pain clinic in the world. All our manual osteopaths are licensed chronic pain specialists who have taken a postgraduate fellowship program in chronic pain management.

Osteopathy, founded in USA over 140 years ago, offers hands-on treatments that are gentle, safe, pain free and last about one hour on average.

In Canada most private health insurers cover osteopathic care provided by our manual osteopaths. In US and other countries there is no insurance coverage for manual osteopathy. Treatment fees vary in each clinic.

To find a clinic nearest you please visit To make an appointment with one of our chronic pain specialists please contact the practitioner directly.

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