Thursday, 7 June 2018

Can you protect your assets while increasing happiness & love?

One of the most common causes of losing wealth is divorce. And one of the reasons of being unhappy is having a bad relationship with your significant other. 

For your own happiness and well being, and also to protect your assets it is a wise choice to make sure you are in a loving relationship. 

What gets measured, get managed. And when you can manage something, you can improve it the way you wish. Relationship can also be improved when you start measuring. 

This is a tip that many of my students have followed with amazing results. It rejuvenated their relationships and brought more love and happiness into their lives. 

Buy a beautiful diary at Chapters. Everyday write in it one thing you loved/liked/enjoyed about your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend. It could be how she dressed, how she fixed her hair, what he did at home for you, what he cooked, etc. Put the date as well. It will not take more than a couple of minutes.

Do this for a few months, without letting your partner know about it. And give it to her/him as a birthday gift. I can assure your spouse will tell you that this is the best gift he or she has ever received!

You will have a happier life, with more love in it, and as a result your assets are protected as well! 

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