Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Time is keeping me awake!

I started reading "The Order of Time" by Carlo Rovelli, an Italian physicist about quantum mechanics and time. It is such an interesting book. It shattered so many of my beliefs to the point that I could not fall sleep last night.

All night I lay awake in the bed, then went for a walk to contemplate on this wonderful amazing life.

Now at 2AM, back to work.

Interesting stuff. It is all about observer. For example, depending on where you are that no time is the same, your height and speed makes your watch goes faster than the next person.

Or that almost in all cases we live in the past, even when we are in the same room and you look at me, you do not see me in the now and current moment. You see me as I was in the past, as I no longer am in present and what you see is not me, but the light that hits me and come back to your eyes. This light takes some time to reach you, so in most cases you are not seeing the world in the present moment but slightly the past.

On the other hand, depending on where you are, the present always exists, and as such you exists forever. For example, if I am in the room with you I may see you almost instantly. If I am on Mars I see you in 15 minutes, if I am on the closest star to earth, I see you in a million or more years, as that is the amount that the light that hit you takes to reach that star. So you can basically continue to live "living forever" from now to millions of years from now, meaning, almost there is no past or future, depending on where you observe the moment.

Another interesting stuff, was that I always thought this is a physical world and things exists in it. While quantum physics shows that this model is not correct, the same way that time as we know it does not exists and is not universal.

We can think of the world as made of things. Of substance. Of entities. Of something that is. But this is wrong. This world is not made of things. Things persist in time and are stable across time. No such things exists in this world. Instead the world is made of events. Events have a limited duration. Even things that are things like are nothing more than long events. An iron for example, even though looks like a thing that has physical presence, in reality is a long event. It has an expiration date and with time it will change its shape and what it is.

Instead, the world is made of events. Something that does not last. Of something that occurs. Everything in this world undergoes continual transformation and is not permanent in time. Even at subatomic level, there is no structure, but a movement, which is a change.

Interesting stuff! Keeps you awake at night!

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