Friday, 17 August 2018

I love the States!

The whole system in US is geared to help you, and motivate you to make more money and to become financially successful.

For example If your net profit as a US based school goes lower than $100,000 per year, the government will schedule a hearing for you to explain what is going on. They give you one year to fix the situation, or else your license to operate as a private school in US will be revoked!!!!

It takes about 2 years and thousand of dollars to get the license. So you can see how motivated schools become to make sure they make over $100,000 in net profit every year!

Everyone benefits by this push to make more money. This extra motivation, helps the school owner, the school staff and faculty, the IRS (as you pay more tax), the state, the country and everyone in it, as when you make more money your purchasing power improves.

I like how the government works in US. But this sure makes you work harder. That is why US based businesses are sharks in marketing! They are so good in what they do. And for this they make good money. While in other countries businesses speak in thousands of dollars, in US, businesses speak in millions.

To give you an example, in other countries, I read that health professionals go before disciplinary boards for insurance fraud of mostly less than $10,000. While in US, the insurance fraud is generally under $10 million! I even read cases of $35 million in insurance fraud in US. Such things never occur elsewhere. Health professionals outside US rarely make over a million!

In US, businesses dream big and go big. My type of people!

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Passive Income for Life

We have created an opportunity for you to have residual, permanent passive income for life!

National University of Medical Sciences (USA) is creating the largest collection of online video based continuing education courses and seminars on the planet!

This is not limited to osteopathy & manual therapy. It includes all other health professions from medicine, surgery, dentistry & optometry to podiatry, fitness, nutrition and wellness.
Our system works like Netflix. Currently Netflix has about 8,000 movies and TV shows that are offered on membership basis at about $10 per month.

We plan to offer over 10,000 seminars/CE courses. Membership will be $10 per month (US). We wish to become Netflix of health related seminars!

Anyone can join us, not just our alumni. Other schools, health professionals and organizations can add their own videos to our platform. They remain the copyright holder of their videos. We showcase their videos.

Here is an amazing opportunity for you to join our team, record some videos (the more the better). You can record in English or your native language (we plan to offer the videos in different languages). And you can record in your own hometown. Travel to our campus is not necessary. Payment is on commission basis.

Alumni of NAO, NUMSS (USA) and NUMSS (Spain) will receive higher commission than others.

So get to work, contact National University of Medical Sciences (USA) at for more info.

Join us, and get some passive income coming your way for life. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

I am nervous!

All the companies I have started in my professional life were private ones. I started them small, from scratch and built them to be the best in what they do, without any raised capitals from investors.

But to get the profession of manual osteopathy expanded to the USA quickly at an exponential rate, I feel that I need to go public and for the first time set up a public company that can issue stocks, a company where venture capitalists could invest.

Setting up a public company is extremely complicated and requires tons of paperwork and registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

I cannot stop thinking about this. I am nervous about the choices presented.

I do not know if I should continue working slowly and privately or to go big and public. Going public would change my life in a dramatic way and brings it into a new league. There will be more money but at a cost. And I am nervous about this cost. I do not know if it is worth it or not.

I love osteopathy and I do want to see it grow big in US. But I have already so many things that I am doing, NAO, NUMSS (USA), NUMSS (Spain), OCPCC, etc that I do not know how I would manage the new public company.

With my private companies, I can stop anytime I wish. I can quit without the need to answer to anyone. I am my own boss. With the public company that is not a choice. You have to answer to shareholders as they are the boss. They can dictate which direction the company should go.

Tough choices! And for weeks now I cannot seem to make a decision!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Would you like to teach osteopathy in Florida?

National University of Medical Sciences (USA) is looking for a number of full time employees to teach osteopathy in Florida.

The positions are offered on a full time basis. Salary is $60,000 (US) per year. We help you obtain a work visa for those who are not American residents. The position is set to start in September 2019.

You must be fluent in English as having great communication skills is a must for these positions. Knowledge of computers, PowerPoint and similar software is also essential as the positions require you to make a lot of power point presentations.

Preference is given to those who wish to relocate to Florida permanently as we prefer to have you with us long term.

These positions are for applicants who have successfully completed an osteopathy program. Please do not apply if you have not studied osteopathy as we do not have any other position available. And please do not contact me personally about these positions. If interested please send an email, with your resume to

Thank you.

Friday, 10 August 2018

What happened to you?

Yes, you, the ones I see on the beach checking their mobile phones!!! Why the need to be connected every second of your life?

Why is it that what once had been quite moments of solitude and reflection, a walk on the beach for example, now feels unbearable for you? Why do you impulsively reach for your phone? Why can you not fight this addiction?

More important than time, you loose the attention currency. When you cannot focus on a thought for too long, you cannot become a good problem solver, and you cannot become creative, the two basic ingredients of a successful entrepreneur!

Stop checking your phone every second. The world will not end! And you can think and reflect and come up with ideas on how to improve your life.

There is a beautiful world there, outside the screen of your mobile phone. Turn it off and follow me. It is a beautiful life! The beauty awaits you, once you open your eyes and see it. 

Why manual osteopaths should incorporate?

Incorporation vs Sole Proprietorship 
My students know that I recommend they incorporate their private osteopathic clinics. Sole proprietorship is not a good idea for manual osteopaths. While corporations cost more to register, run and manage, they are the best asset protection money can buy. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating your osteopathy related business:

1-      You pay less tax if your annual income is over $55,000 per year in Canada. 

2-      If your corporation makes less than $500,000 in gross income per year, and is registered as a Canadian controlled private corporation, meaning it is not owned more than 50% by a non-Canadian or a public corporation, you will receive a special tax deduction that effectively lowers your corporation tax by half. 

3-      You can have multiple business names for the same company.

4-      You have personal protection as you and your company are separate legal entities under the law. The obligations of the business belong to the company, not you personally. 

5-      You can become 100% shareholder and take all the profits of the company without becoming the director of the company if you do not wish to run the company yourself. This allows you to maximize your role in your small business without personal liability.

6-      There are potential personal tax benefits as you can withdraw profits in different ways.

7-      You can become an employee of your own corporation to receive a salary and bonus. This is another way to save on your personal income tax.

8-      You can add family members as non-voting share holders which allow them the right to earn dividends. 

9-      There are potential corporate tax benefits. 

10-   You can transfer or sell the business to others easily. 

11-   Asset protection against liability is a big advantage of incorporating your business. 

12-   You can deduct more types of business expenses as a corporation. 

13-   You can pay zero corporation tax if you remove all the profits of your corporation as your salary. 

We graduate successful manual osteopaths because we teach them everything we know about business! 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Healthy life, happy life

You owe it to yourself to feel how great a healthy body feels!

Make a choice! Start your healthy life today.

Cut meat, cut violence. Eat local grown food, support organic farmers in your area.

Eat less, walk more! :)

I am 52 years old and lost 60 pounds by cutting fat, meat, sugar and salt. You can have a healthy life style as well. There are tons of delicious healthy food available to you.

I love my healthy life style. You will also. Make the change. Become healthy. You will love every minute of it!

You will also feel so much calmer. Meat has violence. Killing animals is a violent act. You do not know how that violence is transferred to you.

Violence is bad, in any shape and form. Go for a month without eating meat and see how your mind and body feels. The negative energy leaves you. You will feel alive, and you understand how beautiful life can be without violence.

I Love Nichelle's Videos

I love the videos that my student, manual osteopath/athletic therapist Nichelle Thomson, DOMP makes! They are short and sweet! Informative and beneficial. Have a look at them and do yourself similar videos.

Remember it is your cumulative efforts that builds your practice, not one magical one time thing.

You have to make people see you, believe you and trust you and that takes time and effort.

I am proud of Nichelle. Students like her are the reason I am the happiest teacher in the world!

Image is Everything!

I always teach my students to not design their own websites unless they are professional web designers.

My lectures are usually backed by research. A marketing research showed that from websites with similar contents, 94% of people chose the services of the websites that had professional design. 6% chose the websites based on the content.

Clients do not trust the websites that are not designed professionally. And people use services of those they trust.

Even the US government has issued an order that all its websites to be upgraded to a more professional look.

Make sure you hire a professional web designer who is up to date with technology and keep asking her/him to update your website on a regular basis as the codes change all the time. For example two column websites are a big no no these days as they do not show well on mobile phones. And 50% of people who visit your website, do it on their mobile devices.

You will get more clients when you update your website. Trust me!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

I love United States of America!

I worked hard to expand osteopathy in my beloved homeland, Canada and now most manual osteopaths in Canada are my students and we have (thanks to National Academy of Osteopathy) alumni in all Canadian provinces even in Yukon & Northwest Territories!

I love the US. It is such an amazing country. And now It is time for the US to have access to manual osteopathic care! Since I started focusing on US, we have received many applications to National Academy of Osteopathy and National University of medical Sciences (USA) from US residents.

Osteopathy offers miracle for chronic pain management. We treat last resort cases that other professionals cannot help. In chronic pain management, we are the BEST!

My goal in life is to make osteopathy available in every town in the world. I just hope I live long enough to see that day! :)

I am grateful to all US residents who chose our schools for their manual osteopathic education. I love you all. 

Friday, 3 August 2018

Did you know osteopathy is popular with chiropractors?

We have many chiropractors as alumni. Here is a post from Dr. Tanja Braun Smith:

“I graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri in 2004 as a Doctor of Chiropractic. I licensed in both Canada and the United States. However I returned to Ontario to practice as that is home and where all of my family lives.

The scope of practice in both countries varies greatly. Although I thoroughly enjoy practicing Chiropractic and love helping and educating people I always felt like I wanted to offer more knowledge and treatment options to patients in their care.

I began researching Osteopathy, which I knew a bit about, as well as schools as a possibility of pursuing and furthering my education. There are many similarities in Chiropractic and Osteopathy, in their principles and philosophy.

I was very excited to learn more about the National Academy of Osteopathy and the programs they offer, as well as the opportunity to study in their program for Health Professionals.

With much excitement I began the program in March and have enjoyed learning more about Osteopathy, techniques, Business Management and starting to formulate how I want to start practicing and helping others as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in the near future!”

Number One Osteopathy Clinic in Waterloo

Dr Guarav Singra, MD (Ind), DOMP, a graduate of the National Academy of Osteopathy who is also a team member of our Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada is the proud manual osteopath of this clinic that has been chosen the best in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada).

Here is what Dr Singra said about his outstanding achieving:

“Thank you very much Dr Pourgol. All credit goes to you. It’s your hard work and guidance which has helped me and also helping tons of other Manual Osteopaths to be successful in life.”

With the Mayor & Prime Minister!

What a busy month!

I have been invited for a fundraising lunch with Toronto Mayor, Honorable John Tory in Toronto, as well as a brunch with the Canadian prime minister, Honorable Justin Trudeau in Montreal!

It has been a couple of years that I have not see the leaders of our city and country!

These photos are from 2 years ago when I was overweight! Now I follow a healthy lifestyle and lost over 60 pounds by cutting meat, sugar, fat and salt from my diet. I also eat less and walk/bike more. 


Wednesday, 1 August 2018

I love you all!

I am the happiest man alive thanks to my students.

Can you believe I came to my beloved country Canada 32 years ago with no money, slept in shelters, washed dishes for $3.75 per hour and now there are millions of people worldwide who are healed from chronic pain, because of the treatments they receive from my students?

I am humbled at this life for being so good to me. I am truly grateful after half of century of being on this earth to have the opportunity to give back to this world, to help in some way.

Canada is truly the land of opportunity. It allows you to get what you want if you dream big and if you take action.

Thank you my students. I feel a deep gratitude for all of you. It is because of you that all these positive energy is coming my way.

You make me happy and I love you for all you do.