Wednesday, 1 August 2018

I love you all!

I am the happiest man alive thanks to my students.

Can you believe I came to my beloved country Canada 32 years ago with no money, slept in shelters, washed dishes for $3.75 per hour and now there are millions of people worldwide who are healed from chronic pain, because of the treatments they receive from my students?

I am humbled at this life for being so good to me. I am truly grateful after half of century of being on this earth to have the opportunity to give back to this world, to help in some way.

Canada is truly the land of opportunity. It allows you to get what you want if you dream big and if you take action.

Thank you my students. I feel a deep gratitude for all of you. It is because of you that all these positive energy is coming my way.

You make me happy and I love you for all you do.

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