Friday, 10 August 2018

What happened to you?

Yes, you, the ones I see on the beach checking their mobile phones!!! Why the need to be connected every second of your life?

Why is it that what once had been quite moments of solitude and reflection, a walk on the beach for example, now feels unbearable for you? Why do you impulsively reach for your phone? Why can you not fight this addiction?

More important than time, you loose the attention currency. When you cannot focus on a thought for too long, you cannot become a good problem solver, and you cannot become creative, the two basic ingredients of a successful entrepreneur!

Stop checking your phone every second. The world will not end! And you can think and reflect and come up with ideas on how to improve your life.

There is a beautiful world there, outside the screen of your mobile phone. Turn it off and follow me. It is a beautiful life! The beauty awaits you, once you open your eyes and see it. 

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