Friday, 14 September 2018

Congratulations Caitie!

We now have 220 clinics worldwide!

Our goal is to have at least one clinic in every town with the population of over 100,000.

Osteopathy does wonders for chronic pain. Most patients we see are last resort cases with years of pain. People in every corner of the world should have access to this miraculous health care.

We are happy to announce that manual osteopath, Caitie Morrissey, DOMP represents the Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada (OCPCC) in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. We now have 220 clinics worldwide in 15 countries across 4 continents (America, Europe, Asia, Africa).

Caitie is a graduate of the National Academy of Osteopathy. She is also a member of the Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.

OCPCC ( was founded in September 2017. With 220 locations across the world OCPCC is now the largest privately owned chronic pain clinic in the world.

All manual osteopaths joining OCPCC are chronic pain specialists who have graduated from one of our three schools, the National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada), National University of Medical Sciences (USA), or National University of Medical Sciences (Spain).

Welcome to OCPCC Caitie! We are happy to have you in our team.

Clinic # 220
304 Toronto St South, Unit #202, Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1Y2
Tel: (905) 852-2929

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