Thursday, 27 September 2018

Manual osteopaths: Solution for your tired feet

I have started recommending this product to my students a while back as it does wonders in helping you with tired feet.

If you see 10 or more patients per day and find it hard to stand for prolonged period, you should use these special Canadian made cushions around your treatment table. They are great for pressure relief while standing. The cushion is designed with an anti-slip bottom to grip the floor. They are made with durable, rubber-like EVA for industrial durability.

I have evaluated them personally (thanks to Vigurus CEO, Brian Jamieson for providing samples to National Academy of Osteopathy) and they are amazing! I highly recommend them for your practice.

Standing all day is hard on the body. Get a Sp1ke mat and save your feet! 

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  1. Thank you for your considerate review of our products Shawn. We now offer wholesale product packages to various types of practitioners such as osteopaths who may want to resell them to their patients - for everywhere they sit, stand or lay; at work rest or play. It's a solid additional profit centre opportunity for your business, and a great way to support the wonderful work you do with your patients when they aren't in your direct care.