Saturday, 1 September 2018

Million Dollar Advertising Budget Approved!

We are happy to announce that we got approval to spend over a million dollars in advertising for the sole purpose of expanding manual osteopathy (osteopathic manual practice - OMP) in the United States.

This advertising will be geared towards American student recruitment. It is our goal to have osteopathic manual practitioners in every US town with a population of over 100,000.

OMP does wonders for chronic pain. Most of our patients are last resort cases. We feel it is our ethical duty and obligation to the American society to graduate osteopathic manual practitioners who as our ambassadors bring this wonderful profession to the American public.

We plan to advertise in a variety of social, digital and printed media, as well as hire a public relations and marketing firm to introduce this profession to students and the public. We are also negotiating with major professional health associations in US to become their corporate sponsors which would allow us to be introduced to the association members.

We wish to thank our staff, specially our assistant manager, manual osteopath Dasha Veprjitska, DOMP, MBA, who is organizing and overseeing this project.

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