Wednesday, 12 September 2018

New Course: Advanced Cranial Osteopathy

The 25 Advanced Cranial Osteopathy lectures by Professor Florian have been uploaded.

We are now giving access in the next couple of days to current NAO, NUMSS (Spain) and NUMSS (USA) students so they could watch these videos. Once they are given access we see what we can do about alumni.

It takes about 15 minutes to give access to one student. It is time consuming. We will get to all of you. But it may take a few days.

You will now have three cranial osteopathy courses. One, mixed with visceral osteopathy by Professor Jorge Aranda. Another in the "Cranial Osteopathy" section by Dr Nuzum, and this one in the "Advanced Cranial Osteopathy" Section by Professor Florian.

The advanced cranial osteopathy will also be on your final exam (20 multiple choice questions). There are also a number of homework essays that you must do for this new course.

We now have four professors who teach cranial osteopathy! Professors Jorge Aranda, Florian and Dr Nuzum teach online while Professor Pamela Crosson-Fournier teaches on-site.

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