Saturday, 20 October 2018

Make Your Competition Irrelevant

To achieve phenomenon growth you must work at making competition irrelevant. One way to do so is by offering convenience. Patients pay more for convenience. And they more often choose manual osteopaths that make their lives more convenient.

I give you an example. Over two decades ago I was the busiest chiropractor in Canada seeing 150 patients per day. To achieve this growth I constantly worked at differentiating myself from competitors. For example I was one of the first chiropractors who used to send drivers to pick up patients and bring them to my clinics for treatment. At that time no one was offering this service. I used to charge $250 per hour when I started offering patient pick up services and a round trip would cost me $30. 

It took a while for others to copy this service and now many of the rehab clinics in Toronto offer it. However my clinics received tons of patient referrals from patients and family physicians who loved this idea. And even though competition started offering this service quickly my referral sources continued sending me patients. I made competition irrelevant by offering the patient pick up service.

In our schools I follow the same principle. For example I teach over 200 unique business lectures not taught elsewhere. These are street smart business principles that make our alumni successful in business. It is hard for other schools to offer these lectures. They simply cannot afford to hire successful businesspersons to teach these lessons. This is one way we make competition irrelevant.

Sit down and think what you can add to your osteopathy clinic that would make your competition irrelevant? Can you start treating at 6AM for example for senior citizens who wish to get up early? Can you offer late evening, or Sunday services? What can you add to your clinic that would be hard for others to copy? Every clinic is different and only you can find out what works best for your clinic.

So take a daily journal and a pen and start writing the ideas on a daily basis. You will be surprised by the ideas that come to your mind if you do this a few minutes every day. You soon can put the competition in your dust!

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