Friday, 2 November 2018

Our New Campus in Panama

Panama has been chosen as the site of the new CAMPUS of National University of Medical Sciences.
I have the dream job! Who would have thought that a teenager from city of Rasht in Iran who moved to Canada 32 years ago and was washing dishes for $3.75 per hour could one day have a university campus in Panama?!

I love this life! I washed dishes. I was homeless sleeping in shelters when I came to Canada 32 years ago. Many nights I had no food to eat. The first time I saved my money to buy a cup of coffee was after a year of being in Canada. The first time I saved money to buy a kid hamburger at McDonald's for about $1 felt like the best food ever!

I worked in McDonald's and Burger King and now I own universities, and the largest pain clinic in the world!

This is a dream come true for me!

I owe all this to you my students who made me a success story. You are my everything. And I love every one of you!

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