Saturday, 24 November 2018

What a beautiful world!

I just found out a teacher from another Canadian osteopathy school registered to study osteopathy at National Academy of Osteopathy!

We have currently presidents of 4 osteopathic schools and a number of their teachers as alumni.
Our method of osteopathy is based on scientific principles. This along with our 200 business lectures attracts many manual osteopaths to study osteopathy again with us.

We graduate successful manual osteopaths because we teach them everything we know about business.

On a separate topic, the best Balsamic vinegar in the world is from the town of Modena in Italy. It is aged for a long time and has complex sweet taste. The good ones sell about $60 for a small bottle. They are expensive but a worthy treat. Add one teaspoon to your salad and see magic happen!

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