Friday, 20 December 2019

Think Laterally!

I teach my students to think outside the box. Lateral thinking keeps them a head and shoulder above competition.

You can and should think differently than what is the common thoughts in any particular area. For example when it comes to claiming your car expenses to lower income tax, most people use the most common method of using a log to record how many kilometers they used the car for business purposes.

This is of course the main way car expenses are used to lower your taxes. But government has set a maximum monthly limit on this. So if your car expenses go above the limit then you cannot use the amount above the limit even though they were used for business purposes. 

There are many other creative ways you can use your car expenses that allow you to claim all the expenses. Using your car for advertising is one way to do so.

For example if you put a magnet sign on your car with your osteopathy clinics info on it and park your car in a corner of parking lot that pedestrians can see, or when you drive it around, that can work as advertising for your osteopathy clinic. Then your corporation can pay for using your car for advertising, or the corporation can pay your expenses.

Depending on your income and tax rates, you can also rent your car from your corporation, or lease it, or your corporation can rent it from you. Your company can also buy the car for you. Each case is different and depends on your situation.

At different times in my professional life I had luxury cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar and Range Rover which I used for business and was able to claim all their expenses even though their expenses were above the monthly government limits.

So sit down, think and see how you can use your car for business that allows you to get the most tax credit possible.

To become wealthy you have to think laterally!

The Travelling Osteopath

Friday, 13 December 2019


Wealth tax is unknown to those who live outside Europe. In Canada, USA and Panama there is no such tax. However in European countries such as Spain and France there is a wealth tax that takes up to 2.4% of your net worth. This is applied to both residents and non-residents who work there. It applies to all your profits, investments, savings and assets you accumulate during the year and you pay this every year.

Luckily there is no such tax in Canada and US. However this may change. One of the Democrats leadership candidates in US is proposing to add a Wealth Tax in US if she becomes president of United States in 2020 election. 

If you plan to move to Europe, you should check all the applicable taxes. Their system differs from Canada and US and that may affect your financial situation.

For example if you buy a property in Spain, aside from property tax, you also pay Rental Income Tax (between 1 to 2%) even if you do not rent your property. You will also pay up to 30% tax on the appreciation of the land value your house is built on, as well as up to 23% capital gain on selling the house.

Spain is a great place to visit and vacation in. I loved my vacation in Mallorca. It was amazing. Look at the mountains in this photo! They are heavenly!

I am currently in Madrid as I have to work on merging the admissions offices of National University of Medical Sciences in Madrid (Spain) with the one in Naples (Florida) in order to decrease our operational costs. After Madrid I have to visit Naples and spend some time in Florida before going home to Panama. 

A Simple Way to Increase Your Income

For obvious reasons you should aim to increase your income every year. However one not so obvious reason is that if you do not, you will actually lose money!

If your income is the same every year, you are losing money due to inflation. For example in 2018 the inflation rate in Canada was 2.24%. Meaning if you made $100,000 in 2017, your money in 2018 was worth $97,760 in purchasing power!

I teach my students at National Academy of Osteopathy and National University of Medical Sciences a simple way to increase their yearly income and it never fails to help them make more money every year.

What you measure gets managed and what you pay attention to grows. So to increase your annual income you should focus on it.

One simple way to do so is to decide how much of an increase you want to have. Then use a large blank paper (they sell this at Staples) and make a chart on it.

Make two perpendicular lines on the paper. On the vertical line start at the bottom your current income and on the top your desired income. Then divide the line to 10 segments,

Divide the horizontal line into 12 segments, starting with the next month, for example, December, January, February, etc.

Now post this chart in a room of your house that you use most often (hopefully not the kitchen or the bedroom! ). The goal is to see this chart all the time.

As I mention regularly to my students what gets measured, gets managed. Once you know your monthly income (many do not know this) then consciously and subconsciously you will do things such as marketing that is needed to increase your monthly income because the reminder is there in your home everyday for you to see. It motivates you.

I use this technique effectively everytime I want to lose weight! It works greatly for weight loss as well! It is simple yet effective way to help you achieve your goal.

I am leaving Madrid soon. My work at National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) is finishing soon and it is time for me to visit National University of Medical Sciences (USA) in Florida. We are merging the admission offices of our two universities in Spain and USA to decrease operational costs.

Mimosa Tree

My grandparents in their home in the village of Foshtom (in Gilan, Iran), had a tree that was so exotic looking. I never saw it anywhere else in Iran and I always thought of it as an exotic tree from a far away place.

In Europe I saw many such trees. Recently I learned this tree is called Mimosa Tree, or Persian Silk Tree or Pink Silk Tree and that it is a native of Iran. In 1800s it was brought to Europe by an Italian and from there to Florida, California, Panama and elsewhere!

I have decided to buy this tree and plant it in my home in Panama as a way to remember my grandparents.

The flowers are like silk and when I was a kid (and even now) I loved to rub one on my face. It just feels so good! 

💟 My First Year Anniversary of Moving to Panama! 💟

It was around this time last year, November 27, 2018 that I was on my way to the airport. It was dark around 5AM or so, snow on the ground and a depressing mood fell over me. This was the 2nd time in my life where I was leaving permanently to another country. First was when I left Iran at the age of 20 and 2nd leaving Canada for Panama at the age of 52.

I was leaving behind family and loved ones. I travel often, sometimes once per month. And I lived in many countries but as a tourist. Until then I had never left Canada permanently. My heart was in Canada and I felt depressed and sad. Tears were flowing from my eyes and doubt penetrated my heart and mind. Was I making a mistake? Will I see my loved ones often? 

In the airplane I was also in a depressing mood as well. What was I doing uprooting my life after 32 years of being in Canada? Canada is beautiful, Canada is amazing. I was even thinking about getting the next flight back to Canada!

When the airplane landed, when the door opened and I got out the hot air hit me. I am a Latino in my heart. I love the smell of the air, the sun and the heat in Latin countries. Something in the air excites me, rejuvenates me. Energizes me.

When I got out the airplane, a smile came on my face. I felt at home immediately and I knew I made the right choice. My gut feeling told me so as well.

Moving to Panama was one of the best things I have done in my life! It changed my life personally and business wise. It opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Panama has one of the best business laws I have seen. You keep everything you make for yourself and your assets are protected. The food is local and tastes great, how it should taste. I have never eaten anything more tasty than here. The veggies, fruit and seafood are amazing. People are so friendly. There is natural beauty everywhere. Air is fresh and clean, no pollution.

All in all Panama is a beautiful safe country with great people, clean food and clean air. Your body stays healthy, your soul remains happy and your wallet remains full. And you do not need to hibernate six months of the year indoors because of snow and cold weather! A win win situation!

What day can be better than today?

Everyday when I wake up the first thing I do in the dark is to smile because I witness a miracle, which is I am still alive for one more day!

What day can be better than today? I woke up and I still breath!

That in itself is a reason for me to celebrate today!

I love my Grateful Walks!

Early in the morning, when the world is quite, I walk outside to give thanks to God for all I have. The walk keeps me healthy in the body and mind.

I like this so much that I made a lecture out of it in the Business Management lectures I give at National Academy of Osteopathy and National University of Medical Sciences.

Many of my students now do the Grateful Walk everyday and they love it!

Persian Silk Tree in Panama

It is such a beautiful day and it got even more beautiful when I saw three Persian Silk Trees in the neighborhood! 💟 

What I focus on grows in my life. That is why I always focus on what I want and many times it comes true for me.

A few days ago I decided to buy and plant a Persian silk Tree in my home as a tribute to my grandparents who had such a tree in the village of Foshtom in Gilan (Iran). I was thinking about this tree for a few days.

When you focus on something for a while the reticular activating system (RAS) part of your brain brings what you focus on to your attention. 

You see and hear millions bits of information everyday. They are all in your brain but you are not aware of them. RAS makes you aware of part of these information database if it feels that is what you want. How it decides so is by sensing what you focus on most.

I walk daily in my neighborhood and see many trees. I must have seen these three Persian Silk Trees many times but my RAS did not bring them to my attention because I did not focus on this tree before. After I started focusing on it, I see it more often.

I went into this topic in detail with my students because it is so important. What you want to avoid comes true for you because you are focusing on it. That is what separates the wealthy from others. Research shows the wealthy focus on what they want while most other people focus on things they wish to avoid.

I focus on having a beautiful life, and I got a beautiful life. 💟 Focus on what you want and you will get what you focus on.

💟 Thank you Panama! 💟

I feel so free here! Your sunshine brings so much joy and happiness to my life.

Life is better with sun in it!

💟 I saw an avocado tree in the neighborhood! 💟

One reason why I love Panama so much is the abundance of natural fruits and vegetables. They have amazing fresh natural taste here. Elsewhere many of the fruits and veggies are tasteless as they pick them up when not ripe so they could travel long distance.

Here in Panama you feel the heat of the sun in every bite you take! Sun is life.

💟 Love is the answer! 💟

I read in the New York Times newspaper yesterday about a research done by neuroscientists that showed pain decreased when people in pain looked at a photo of a loved one and thought about that person.

May this beautiful bright lemon and the sun shining on it brighten your day with love the way it did mine!

🌞 Happiness is.....playing golf in DECEMBER! 🌞

God has blessed me with a beautiful life in Panama and I am grateful for it. 💟

One reason I moved to Panama is that I can stay outside all day, any day of the year, even in the winter times!

I am grateful to my Creator. 💟

If you love the sun and bright colors and enjoy outdoor activities then Panama is your paradise!

I love biking and now I get to bike in Panama everyday of the year even in DECEMBER!!

I have listened to God when he said "You work and I shall provide". I worked to have a beautiful life and the Lord has made my dream a reality. 💟 

With Dr Dasha Veprjitska in Panama

I am so happy Dr Dasha Veprjitska, DOMP, BSc (Ost), MBA, DO (Spain), joined me in Panama to help us restructure the admissions offices of our universities.

To make our work more efficient and to decrease operational costs, we are merging the admissions offices of our universities. This in no way affects any student. However it will help us tremendously to offer faster more efficient services.

Dasha is a ballerina since she was 4 years old. She became a dance champion in Ontario (Canada) before deciding to study osteopathy. She is one of the youngest doctors of osteopathy in the world. 

Dasha is working as one of my business managers. She has a masters in business administration (MBA) which in addition to her diploma and degrees in osteopathy makes her a perfect candidate for this position as a manager.

While she was my student, she achieved the highest marks in the final exams at National Academy of Osteopathy. I am honored to have her as a member of my team.

It is always a great feeling to see a fellow Canadian in Panama and even better when that person is a student and an employee!

💟 Today is a great day to give thanks to God! 💟

💟 Panama is beautiful! 💟

I have a successful life because I create a successful life for my students.

I do not just teach osteopathy. I teach my students everything I know about business to ensure they become successful manual osteopaths.

In business, similar to life you must give before you take. And to become #1 in your business, you must give a lot more than you take!

💟 This is how I show my love for Panama! 💟

I love Panama and I want everyone to get the opportunity to feel how it feels to live in paradise!
Since last year that I moved permanently to Panama, my articles motivated many people to move to Panama. I am a volunteer tourism ambassador for Panama it seems.

I cannot help it. I just love this country. Today after I posted this article: on my page and shared it in different Iranian groups, I received 100s of messages. Until now I was answering them!

I do all this for free. I am not an immigration lawyer. I do not own a hotel. I do not have any motivation except helping people have a better quality of life in paradise, and also help Panama as a way to say thanks for being such amazing country.

Anyone who visits me in Panama wants to move here, including National Academy of Osteopathy business manager, Dr Dasha Veprjitska, DOMP, BSc (Ost), MBA, DO (Spain). This is her 2nd visit to Panama to help us with business and both times she asked me to transfer her from Toronto to Panama! She loves the culture, weather, food and people in Panama.

💟 Panama is paradise. 💟 

A Request by Panama City Officials

Panama City is working to invite chefs to open more ethic restaurants there. Currently there is no Persian restaurant in Panama. As I was born in Iran, Panama City officials requested my help in informing the Iranian public about this business opportunity in Panama.

I am an Iranian/Canadian/Panamanian. I live in Panama since November 27, 2018 and fell in love with this country. It is paradise! The country is beautiful, it has great weather (above 24 degrees all year, and sun almost every day of the year), it is safe, has US dollar as currency. The food tastes great here, air is clean and there is ocean and mountains in every corner. 

I feel any chef who opens a Persian restaurant in Panama City will achieve success. There are a number of Arabic restaurants here and they are doing great in business. One of them called Beirut started from a small room and now owns the whole building in the center of panama City!

There are tons of wealth and money in Panama City. The city looks like Miami. People from around the world park their money here or register their companies here as when the income is generated outside Panama, there is no tax on it. Investments have no tax here on their profits as well.

Additionally using nominee directors afford a type of asset protection not found elsewhere. This means people's money is protected. Panama City is a magnet for the wealthy.

These wealthy people in Panama City frequent restaurants often. In some high end restaurants a meal with wine costs easily above $100. In Panama City restaurants can have similar income to US and Canada but at lower operating cost. While they pay tax in Panama, they can use the International Business Corporation (IBC) to delegate some tasks of their work which reduces their tax greatly. Labour is also less expensive here.

Immigrating to Panama is easy. I received my permanent residency in 7 days! It costs me only a total of $3700 in lawyer fee and government fee! Panamanian passport is accept by over 120 countries in the world including European countries. This means you can visit Europe without the need to apply for a visa.

If you are an Iranian chef, and have enough money to invest in a restaurant, I highly recommend you to consider opening a Persian restaurant in Panama City.

By the way Panama looks a lot like province of Gilan (where I grew up), without the cold and snow. Below is a photo of a restaurants in Gilan, Iran. Panama has similar mountains as well.

Panama is paradise! 💟

Monday, 2 December 2019

To get to the top 10% of your field, you must read one hour a day.

Research publicized by my friend and mentor, Brian Tracy in his book "The New Psychology of Achievement" which is one of my most favourite books of all time , shows those who read about their professional field (such as osteopathy) and business management (such as marketing) will reach the top 10% of their field within 5 years.

Some say their days are fully booked and have no time to spend on reading. I recommend to them to wake up an hour early to read. 

I have three doctoral degrees in chiropractic, osteopathy and rehabilitation. I have an MBA degree in business. I am president of three universities in Spain, USA and Panama, an osteopathy college in Canada and Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada which has 326 clinics in 30 countries. I am busy! I do a lot of work! But I still read more than an hour a day in fields such as osteopathy and business. At one point many years ago in Canada I had read all the business books they were selling in the local Chapter's bookstore.

I strongly believe one of the reasons for my success is because of how I read. And that is thanks to my father 💟. Since I was a child he encouraged me to read. He got me a library card for the local university and he made a deal with a local bookstore to sell me books two at a time. Once I finish the books and tell the bookstore owner what the books were about he would sell me two more books and send the bill to my father. Many days I would finish the two books in a day!

If you have a child it is of utmost importance you encourage him/her to read as much as they can. And you must also do so.

A book can become your best friend. It can help you become financially successful. Buy books, audio CDs, journal and magazines and start reading.

I recommend you spend up to 3% of your annual income on books, magazines, journals and audio books. Not only you become more successful, reading is a lot of fun as well. It is a fun way to reach the top 10% of your field!