Friday, 4 January 2019

A flexible hip helps you live longer.

To Live Longer Increase Your Hip Flexibility! 

When it comes to living longer the hip joint is the most important joint in the body! 

Research has shown seniors who have flexible hip live longer. Hip joints that are not flexible increase your chance of becoming disabled. And disabled people research shows die faster than others. 

Having flexible hips decrease your chance of accidental death at the old age. Falling down and breaking your femur bone and cutting the femoral artery and the complications of this injury is the number one cause of accidental death in seniors. In most cases the person dies when the femoral artery is cut before they get to a hospital.

Having flexible hip joints decrease your chance of falling down and the accidental death.

Next time you visit your manual osteopath, ask him/her to show you joint specific hip exercises which increase your mobility.

Increasing flexibility (mobility) decreases disability and helps you live longer.

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