Saturday, 12 January 2019

Good bye my love

My grandmother passed away. She was about 90 years old and one of the kindest women I have ever known.
In my childhood I spent the summer months with her in the village of Foshtom where my grandparents had a rice farm.
The rice fields she worked on, the animals she attended to in her farm, and the rice puddings she made for me remain with me forever.
She was so kind. Every time, without exception when I left her to go back to school after the summer vacation, she would always cry. She loved me so much and she took care of me so much when I was a child.
I have not seen her for over 14 years since I was last in Iran. But whenever I called her she would always cry of happiness to hear my voice.
And now she is gone to a better place. My heart is with her. And she lives forever in my heart.
Good bye madarbozrg. My love is with you.

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