Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Playing it safe is actually not so safe!

You take many wrong turns by standing still.
So many friends love to move elsewhere but the fear stops them. They want assurance and guarantees that they will succeed in the new country. But life does not work like that. Noone can guarantee success. I encourage them to take a risk. Any result is a success. Failure is a success as well, as you learn valuable lessons.
Staying safe by not taking the first step is an illusion I see often in people. They feel they are safer by not taking a chance. They dream, but fear stops them from achieving it.
Life is extremely short. Go for your dream. Take a risk. Otherwise years will pass and you will stay in the same situation. Working towards achieving your dream makes life exciting. It makes you feel good about yourself.
Success belongs to those who take risks.

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