Thursday, 26 September 2019

Where do you think our clinic # 300 will be located?

You can have lunch with me if you guess it right! 

Next week we will open our clinic # 300!!!! I cannot believe this! I founded Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada (OCPCC) on September 2017. It became operational in January 2018 and in less than 2 years it has now 299 clinics!!!

OCPCC is now the number one chronic pain clinic and osteopathy clinic in the world! In anything I do I always try to become the best in it. I focus all my energy on it. I do not rest until I become the number one in whatever I do. This competitive energy in me fuels my businesses and let them grow fast.

The process of becoming number one is challenging yet exciting. The process to get there gives me pleasure and brings lots of joy to me. It is like raising a child. You dream about a business, you create it, you bring it to reality and you work on it to make it the best business it can be. 


Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Meeting a Canadian Author

I was honoured that fellow Canadian, psychologist, Dr Rami Bleckt, who is a best selling author of many self improvement books, such as Journeys in the Search for the Meaning of Life, the Alchemy of Interpersonal Relations and Ten Steps to Happiness, took the time to travel and come to see me to hand in three of his best selling books to me personally.
I have heard of Dr Bleckt for a number of years now. Many of my students are readers of his books. I was intrigued to meet him in person. He has given lectures to thousands of people around the world.
I invited him for dinner and he graciously accepted my invitation. We talked for so long and I learned so much. We even got together the next day for dinner as well! and continued talking for many hours
I was surprised to find out that he follows Sufism to a great extent.
And for the first time in my life, two nights in a raw I had raw food for dinner as my guest eats only raw food.
I feel I made a friend for life. I love friends who you learn from every time you meet. These are friend who elevate you and improve you every time you spend time with them.
I recommend everyone to read books published by Dr Bleckt.

Full Class!

Our campus based class of September 2019 (DOMP program) is full. There is not even one empty spot left in the class.
Last year (September 2018) we moved to a new location that was a lot bigger than the old one. However within one year our new location is now full again! We are growing fast!

Any Canadian Newspaper Delivery in Playa Blanca?

Does anyone know if there is a way to receive home delivery of the Toronto Star newspaper in the Playa Blanca area in Panama?
One of the things I miss about Canada is reading the Toronto Star newspaper while drinking coffee first thing in the morning. Reading it online just does not feel relaxing like it is with a printed paper.
I need to touch the paper. It has a therapeutic effect on me! Similarly with books I prefer reading the printed version, instead of the digital ones. I am old fashioned that way!
Thank you.

Osteopathy does wonders!

This is a research report presented by Dr Bruno Bordoni and others. Dr Bordoni holds a PhD from our university in Naples, Florida (National University of Medical Sciences). He is also one of the members of NUMSS Board of Governors. 

We opened 12 new clinics in USA and Canada this week!

As a Southern Cherokee Nation tribe member, and their Minister of Education, it gives me so much joy to see that Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada, that I founded in 2017 has grown to 292 clinics in 28 countries to become the largest provider of osteopathic care in the world.
Osteopathy has roots in Cherokee and Shawnee tribes bodywork. The profession is a heritage of Indigenous peoples. And now the largest osteopathy clinic in the world is owned by a Southern Cherokee man!

Thank you Canada!

The election laws have changed. For the first time ever, Canada has allowed Ex-Pats to vote in Canadian federal election.
Previously Canadian citizens who were not a permanent resident in Canada were not allowed to vote.
If you wish to vote in the October election you should register now with Election Canada.

This is the life I have been dreaming about!

Spending six months a year indoors was not for me! I love the outdoors. Here in Panama I am outdoors almost all day.
I finished all work for now. Our Canadian staff are settled into the new waterfront (and mountain view condo National University of Medical Sciences is paying). Leaving Panama City and its delicious food and restaurants and heading towards the beach at Playa Blanca.
I was so excited about the beach and was planning to stay there for a long time until I saw these photos of the mountains near my Weekend getaway area, Altos del Maria when I was reading a blog of someone.
Beautiful mountains! Just looking at these photos made me decide to just stay a few days on the beach and head to the mountains at the first weekend. I do not think Lucy will be very happy about that though, as she likes the beach a lot more than the mountains!
I could not decide before where to live, near beach, or the mountains. Now I live near both! Mondays to Fridays on the beach and the weekends on the mountains! They are just 20 minutes away from each other.
Mountains and the beach are calling me now and I cannot wait to get there! I am counting every minute. Where else in the world can you walk above the clouds?

Azahar Restaurant

Today I spend some time for myself. No work, and I treated myself to one of the best restaurants in the world.  

I highly recommend the Azahar Restaurant in Panama City.
This restaurant is on the 7th floor of YOO Panama building on Avenida Balboa. They made the enterance hard to find on purpose. There is no sign for it, you have to take an elevator that is sitting in a corner with nothing but 7th floor lit in it. Then when you get off there is nothing on 7th floor except a flower shop. The door to the restaurant is in the back of the flower shop!
But when you enter it is a beautiful chic restaurant with ocean view. So many waiters ready to serve every request.

However what is the best future is the food. Every time I go there the food is different.
This time the lobster Ceviche appetizer was brought in a cold stone dish. And the ceviche this time was made also with edible flowers and strawberries. It was just wow!
If you ever pass through Panama City make sure you visit Azahar. All your senses will be amazed.

Bye Panama City! Hello Playa Blanca!

My work in helping settle the Canadian staff of National University of medical Sciences in Panama City is almost done.
I am heading back soon to my home two hours away in Playa Blanca. I miss Lucy and cannot wait to walk with her on the beach.

Do Not Treet Your Spouse!

Manual osteopaths cannot treat someone they had sexual relationship with.

My students, specially those who used to practice in other countries get surprised when I tell them over and over that they cannot treat their wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends or anyone else they have a sexual relationship. This is changing however and spouses may become exempt in future (but boyfriends/girlfriends will not ever be exempt).
In the past 9 years since we started teaching manual osteopathy there was not even one such case against our students.

New NAO Faculty Member in British Columbia

We are happy to announce that manual osteopath Gina Bela has joined us as a National Academy of Osteopathy approved clinician in Vancouver, British Colombia.
She will supervise online NAO students in British Columbia with their clinical practice.
Glad to have you with us Ginal!  


Thank you College of Registered Manual Osteopaths for doing an amazing work.

New NAO Faculty Member in Quebec

We are happy to announce that manual osteopath Cheryl Sandra Pothier has joined us as a National Academy of Osteopathy approved clinician in Montreal, Quebec.
She will supervise online NAO Quebec students with their clinical practice.
Glad to have you with us Cheryl!

What a beautiful kindness!

I got tons of positive energy this morning in Panama City when I received a message from my student manual osteopath Cherise Jacques.
She informed me that her clinic is full and she is fully booked to the point that she has to hire another manual osteopath and move to a bigger location. But still she will spend time to become a National Academy of Osteopathy approved clinician in British Columbia so she could help online NAO students in British Colombia who need clinical supervision.
I am grateful and such kind helpful students make me so happy. You made my day Cherise!  

The most business friendly nation in the world!

I admire Panama so much! While many tropical countries concentrated on attracting more tourists, Panama did a smart move and changed its business laws to become the most business friendly nation in the world.
This caused many businesses from around the world to open a business here, work from here or park their money here. This brought money to country like noone has seen before. The whole population become well off, poverty decreased (and with that crime), infrastructures improved, health care and education became better and so many other benefits.
I do business in many countries and studied the laws of many others. I can honestly say that there is no country that has laws as favorable to businesses as Panama.
Thank you Panama!

Thank you Jennifer!

I wish to thank real estate agent Jennifer Lortie, a fellow Canadian in Panama who offered amazing services to find beautiful water front and mountain view condo for our Canadian staff who moved to Panama City to oversee the operation of National University of Medical Sciences (Panama).
She found the perfect location on Balboa Avenue, just 5 minutes walking to NUMSS office all in just one day!
I was not expecting such quick services. I even paid for hotel for staff for 2 weeks! Finding such location in just one day was helpful in so many ways as now I can leave Panama City and go back home to Playa Blanca.
Staff are so excited as the location, and the view are simply amazing. We never imagined such location on Panama's most expensive street, right next to our university office could be had at such reasonable rent!
I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who needs a real estate agent in Panama City.

Thank you Yvonne!

I wish to thank National Academy of Osteopathy student Yvonne Farquharson for donating 22 books to National Academy of Osteopathy library. We are grateful for your generosity. We are expanding our library and would be happy to receive books from you.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

I gave up my office

Last year National Academy of Osteopathy moved to a new location that was 4 times bigger than the old one. And yet we still need more rooms!

our NAO teaching clinic has become so popular with people. Currently people wait for weeks to see one of our interns.

We decided to add another clinic internship room to NAO. However we have no more empty rooms available at NAO. 

To make a new clinic room we had to either use the staff kitchen (which is huge) or my small tiny room! My staff recommended that my own office at NAO be used as a clinic room.

So president of National Academy of Osteopathy has no office at NAO anymore! I am happy though! Now NAO interns get to see more people. And I love NAO interns. They are so much fun!