Friday, 4 October 2019

Time to Celebrate!

For so long I wanted to have a clinic in Northwest Territories and finally it is done! We now have 316 clinics in 30 countries and our clinic # 307 is located in Yellowknife, NT.

Northwest Territories is the only province/territory that Canada has given full autonomy to be governed by Indigenous Peoples and I am so proud that my fellow brothers and sisters now govern the third largest province/territory in Canada!

I am a Southern Cherokee Nation & the Red Fire People tribe member. I am also of Gilaki race in Iran, the Indigenous population of Northern Iran. Being a part of Indigenous Peoples in Canada is an honour for me. To have now a clinic within an area of Canada governed by Indigenous Peoples is an honour. I am humbled by all the love the Creator has bestowed upon me. God has blessed me with a wonderful beautiful life.

Time to celebrate!   


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