Thursday, 28 November 2019

Want to Work Near a Beach?

I received today a message from one of my students at National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) who is planning to work in a spa of an international resort. She told me all the job postings are for massage therapists. That is true. You will not find a job posting for manual osteopaths in spas.
Most people, including Spa owners think osteopathy is for pain only. However it is also used for relaxation and wellness by clients who visit manual osteopaths on regular basis for relaxation, wellness and stress relief. 
If you do plan to work in a resort, you should educate the spa owners about osteopathy. Mention that osteopathy is not for pain relief only and that you can do osteopathic wellness and relaxation care. Mention that clients like it a lot and most prefer it even to massage and that offering osteopathic relaxation gives their businesses a competitive advantage.
There are many spas in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand that have manual osteopaths working there. However it is not yet so popular elsewhere. 
I had given a lecture as part of my business management section that offers guidelines on how to work internationally and how to obtain a position in a resort. 

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